tumblr_myj39pf1lI1sgsmamo1_500last night i was tired.
i fell asleep at like 830pm.
i missed “empire” so you know it was serious.
well i had to finish that “us” essay for karaoke.
i ended up writing it,
but falling asleep before i could send it.
she let me write more than 100 words so i kinda went in…
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She Makes Me Give Good Brains

tumblr_nil4xo93ST1thte97o1_r7_500i love when people keep me on my toes.
the foxhole does when it comes to stories to write about.
one of my dear friends,
also does the same.
that’s one of the many things i love about her.
she is extremely intelligent and very pro-ed.
her cub is super smart.
as much as we like to talk shit,
she also sends me activities or articles to keep my brain working.
earlier this week,
she wanted me to try a writing challenge with her.

100 words.
subject: good buddy.
due: yesterday

well i had done thursday.
this is what i wrote…

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You Should Write This Pre-Baller Wolf’s Paper (He Is Beggin!)

tumblr_n2uociImtQ1r78dgto4_250tumblr_n2uociImtQ1r78dgto5_250lawd knows i love me a baller wolf.
lord knows i do.
its no secret when they are pre baller wolves in college,
they usually get special privileges especially when it comes to classes.
i’m sure a majority have gotten by due to their talent.
why work when the nerd or gay guy can do it for em?
well mary willingham,
a student advisor at unc at chapel hill,
went rogue and is exposing the college for passing illiterate athletes.
she claims some of them take “paper classes”,
where they aren’t required to attend and one paper is graded per semester.
well this paper that was written by a pre-baller footballer wolf,
one from a semester’s worth of work,
she produced from a dossier that got an “a-“

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