tumblr_myj39pf1lI1sgsmamo1_500last night i was tired.
i fell asleep at like 830pm.
i missed “empire” so you know it was serious.
well i had to finish that “us” essay for karaoke.
i ended up writing it,
but falling asleep before i could send it.
she let me write more than 100 words so i kinda went in…

I must be a masochist because I’m addicted to the pain I shouldn’t be
feeling. You know what the crazy thing is about “us”? We might be so
good for each other, but bad at the same time. It’s like the 90’s
Janet lyric, “Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire”. I have come
to like everything about you, and clearly, you like everything about
me. We are drawn to each other, but your harem currently keeps you
satisfied. Why is it not me? You say you don’t love dem hoes, but love
having sexing with them. So I get the emotions, but they get the
physical? It’s the mind games and emotional warfare that makes me hate
everything about “us”. For two people who aren’t officially together,
we fight and make up every single day. I’m starting to think you enjoy
this. The bad part is that I think I actually enjoy it. It gives me
something, anything, to show me how much you feel about me. It’s
almost like our version of sex. We both penetrated each other’s souls,
but you pull out when I start to come. It could be easier, but it
isn’t. Will it ever?

giphyit was suppose to be 135 words,
but i had a lot to say.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on ““Us””

  1. Mon dieu mon cher. Deep laawd. That was very good. Did this task help you at all put u and work wolf issue in perspective?

  2. Thats good. I hope u can at some point conclude yall issue so that whatever it may be, just friends or more, can blossum fully.

  3. That was beautifully written Jamari. Has a poetic edge there.

    I like these exercises. They force you to think inwardly. This could help you sort out your feelings, and thoughts, not just about WW, but more so about yourself.

    1. ^thank you d!

      im really glad karaoke put me on.
      i enjoy doing it.
      she says she likes it but thinks I got too detailed and less clear.
      i’ll edit it for her.

  4. Really good Jamari. I suck at excercises like this. It’s good that you wrote your feelings about him. I also hope soon you guys can get clarity in you’ll relationship.

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