Is This Is What Happens When A Blogger Dates In The Industry?

jason-leesee this is the mess i don’t like.
you know i’m not a fan of the outings.
well blogger and socialite,
jason lee,
is actually involved a recent outing.
well kinda.
so this is the reason he threw a drink on hazel-e on “lhhh”.
she kinda threw his business in his face and he returned the favor.
apparently he allegedly dated…

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.39.33 PMtahj mowry.
this is what hazel-e had to tell “the jasmine brand”:

 200i mean,
i wouldn’t be shocked.
are you?

well i’m curious who was the alleged wolf between the two?
okay sorry!
well hazel-e seems to have a big mouth,
but how did she find out the secret in the first place?
was it even a secret?

things that make you go “hmm”.

lowkey: yeah so who was the wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Is This Is What Happens When A Blogger Dates In The Industry?”

  1. That scene makes more sense now because his reaction was VERY strong and even a bit much for “reality” tv.

  2. I always thought that there was something about Tahj but if this is indeed true why do these wolves pick these types…

    1. ^well jason seems like he is popular and knows a lot by default.
      he is also in the right circles so that’s automatic pipe.
      he has something people may want.
      he can get photographers,
      and others for someone who needs it.

  3. I mean I always knew Tahj was gay because come on us gay men can see the signs unless you live in a small town then it’s understandable. But Hazel-E is wrong tho cause it her place to out someone like that, plus knowing that Tamara is Christian and she seem like she’s an old-fashion stick in the mud I can imagine how she will react to this

  4. I’m definitely not surprised at all that tahj is gay… but i really can’t picture them together. Jason lee is kinda girly and tahj has been trying so hard to stay in his glass closet that i can’t imagine him dating a non straight-acting man.

  5. idk when I saw him on the show I did my know who he was ( he was name dropping as if it made a difference). I didn’t like the way he came off (messy), so I wasn’t feeling him (still not).

    I’m not agreeing with what hazel did but in that situation she probably thought I need to bring up something that will go toe to toe to what he was saying to her. ( she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for)

  6. Eh, the only way she would know is if he told her. His bad.
    Can’t really call her messy and he was running his mouth about
    it in the first place. She has no personal stake in it and it won’t
    affect her either way. He still looked like a punk throwing a
    drink in a woman’s face.

      1. So? Wasn’t her secret. Lol

        If he wanted it to be a secret he would’ve kept it between the two parties involved and stayed off a reality tv show that thrives on drama.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if he staged the whole thing.

  7. I believe this story. What did Hazel have to gain? Out of all the celebs to target someone who would pick Tajh? He is a working actor on a show on ABC family I believe, and he does a little music, but that is pretty much it.

    As for the positions, verse, both of them. There is no true Wolf lol. This blogger is a butch queen and I just don’t see Tajh topping full-time. He’s fine tho and he seems cool, I’d talk to him.

    ,Another dude who is average to below looking pulling a good looking man. I keep telling y’all. I know some vets in the game who are over 35 got stories on the amount of play average to below dudes get. You do not have to be cute to pull a fine man. Stop believing that shit.

    1. I think if the blogger lost more weight then he’d be much better looking. You’re definitely right, some of the time looks don’t have anything to do with pulling someone fine. People see things in others that we may never see. That’s why “another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is something i say even to this day.

    2. An amazing head game, tipdrill body, or money/status can compensate for attractiveness with gays, golddiggers, and attention whores.

  8. I would eat Tahj’s cute ass up! (literally and figuratively speaking)Seriously! (My ratchet side is out to play today lol) I dont know the other two people, but they don’t seem interesting.

    He needs to be careful with who he and his “other” associates with. or just pick better “others”.

    He’s bae material though.

  9. Tahj keeps deleting comments that mention Jason on his IG.The reason Hazel E knew about Jason and Tahj relationship is because she used to be friends with Jason.So Jason Lee was discussing his boyfriend with his friend in confidence.I am really disappointed she outed Tahj because Milan Christopher just did an interview on VH 1 where he talked about her being his beard when he first moved to LA in 2008.As someone who has been a beard for a few friends ,I would never out a former friend’s ex especially not on national tv.Coincidentally after Hazel E explained what happened and outed Tahj again.Jason Lee broke some news she is pregnant with Katt Williams baby.She denies she is pregnant.

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