Roseburgandy and The Male He Allegedly Loves?

here i go,
predicting the future again.
so remember that roseburgandy character hazel-e is dating?
i may have been right on the “with males” part in the last entry.
he might be alleged “rent a dick”,
according to one of my clever foxholers.
this is some of roseburgandy’s dms with said male…
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Hazel-E IG Meltdown Was Not Sponsored By Duracell

that is a real animal.
this is one of the reasons i’m glad i stay off of reality tv.
we tend to give those who don’t deserve it a platform.
one of the “somethings” on “love and hiphop hollywood”,
went on some kind of ig meltdown dissing black vixens.
strike 2.
strike 1 is that face of hers.
it was the rant against the gays that really banished her tho.
well the jackal she dates,
went on the rant and she cosigned…

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Is This Is What Happens When A Blogger Dates In The Industry?

jason-leesee this is the mess i don’t like.
you know i’m not a fan of the outings.
well blogger and socialite,
jason lee,
is actually involved a recent outing.
well kinda.
so this is the reason he threw a drink on hazel-e on “lhhh”.
she kinda threw his business in his face and he returned the favor.
apparently he allegedly dated…
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Who Wants To Go To Hollywood?

I+Love+Lucy+Hollywood+at+Lastwell if you thought mona scott young was gonna turn down,
you obviously bumped your head and didn’t realize it.
there is a “love and hiphop: hollywood” on the way.
the cast?…
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