Who Wants To Go To Hollywood?

I+Love+Lucy+Hollywood+at+Lastwell if you thought mona scott young was gonna turn down,
you obviously bumped your head and didn’t realize it.
there is a “love and hiphop: hollywood” on the way.
the cast?…


  • Ray J- Recording artist who has been romantically linked to several well-known names in recent years. Currently, he seems inseparable from his best friend and executive assistant Morgan Hardman.

  • Soulja Boy -YouTube sensation with his hit “Crank Dat,” romantically linked to R&B Royalty, Nia Riley, daughter of Grammy-award winning music producer/singer/songwriter Teddy Riley.

  • Omarion- Former lead singer of hit R&B band B2K, now pursuing a solo career while dating Apryl Jones, a backup vocalist. The two are currently expecting their first child.

  • Lil Fizz- Former bandmember of R&B band B2K who, although he shares a child with ex-girlfriend Moniece Slaughter, is thinking about settling down with his present love Amanda Secor.

  • Young Berg -Grammy-nominated producer and musician. He has worked with artists such as Lil Wayne, T Pain, Ray J, Tamar Braxton and Meek Mill.

  • Teairra Marie-Actress and R&B songstress and ex-girlfriend to Ray J. Popular for her hit song “Make Her Feel Good.”

  • Hazel E –Former celebrity publicist, currently pursuing her own music career as a rapper

  • Yesi Ortiz- “Voice of LA,” DJ/ Music Director for hip hop radio station Power 106.

  • Sincere- A premier club promoter in the Los Angeles area.

  • Nikki Mudarris- A born and bred LA girl, Nikki is an heir to her family’s real estate fortune.

And others…

ray j?
soulja boy?
lil fizz?
young berg?
…ray j???
tumblr_mln7yvljoK1r5j928o1_500how many times are they going to give ray j a reality show?
will he be mentioning kim kardashian every two seconds?
whats so hollywood about them?
this cast doesn’t really seem that appealing.
i guess i could tune in for all the foxy cakey goodness
rayj_rkow_faxj7hap…but do i really want to watch them all for an hour?
especially ray j?
“love and hiphop: hollywood” premieres september 15th.

lowkey: god.
please let raz b make an appearance.
i beg of you.
i’ve been a good fox all year.
cast found: vh1

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Who Wants To Go To Hollywood?”

  1. For some reason, my mind put Raz B’s name where Lil Fizz was. I’m thinking it’s about to be some drama with Raz and O on the same show. Then I read the last part of your entry and did a double take. Dammit, I really wanted to know what Omarion had to say about that whole fiasco. All Lil Fizz said was “he don’t fuck with homos” even though he looks like a Puerto Rican bull dyke.

    I don’t think I’m tuning in for this. I had enough of Mona and her shenanigans. I’ve also had enough of Ray J. How many shows is he gonna whore himself out on before he realizes no one cares to see him in any capacity. Hell, no one cared to see him on Moesha either and that was over ten years ago.

    So I guess Omarion was the blasian in that persuasion because his baby’s momma looks black. Now I finally have an explanation for why his eyes look the way they do.

    I guess Soulja Boy finally gave up on having hits. He was one artist that went way past there expiration date. Him and his girl trying to get exposure. I already saw him on the preview for that ladies hip hop show on Oxygen.

    Young Berg. Can kiss a dark butt.

  2. Who would have ever thought that it would be 3 Black women who literally sold their peoples soul to the Devil in the name of profit and thats Mona Young(VH1-Producer), Debra Lee(BET President), and Kathy Hughes(Radio One/TV One-CEO). These women are powerful forces in entertainment to be reckon with in TV and Radio, and instead of using their power for good they would rather keep promoting coonery, foolery, fuckery, and every imaginable stereotype you can play up to. These women have gone to bed at night counting their money instead of counting the number of lives they are destroying promoting these negative images in music,TV and on the radio. I have checked out and let my cable TV go, I get all the entertainment I need from the Internet. At least you are able to have a dialogue on the things you do and do not like. I know it might not mean anything but I refuse to watch these types of shows anymore. I use to laugh and look forward to this ratchet behavior but after a while all of this has left a bad taste in my mouth. I know these has been and never was Z List celebs need to eat and have to pay their bills but damn can you have just a modicum of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for yourself. How many times can you fight over the same man/woman call each other a Bitch or Hoe, and throw drinks in someone face. How many more gaudy outfits and being a witness to tacky low class behavior before we say enough is enough. These women have set the bar so low in the gutter that its only going to get worse, I know they are not the only ones to blame but they are a big part of the problem. I am going to miss this flight to Hollywood.

  3. I agree Tajan. The programming is EXTREMELY low brow. But they are pandering to the lowest common denominator, supplying the demand if you will. Sadly, there is a market for this and as long as the ratings are up and those advertising dollars keep rolling in, unfortunately these show that hightlight “our” worst behavior won’t be going away anytime soon…

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