SUB-JP-BROWN-2-master495i was trying to avoid this michael brown situation.
i really was.
not that i didn’t want to get involved,
but as much as i did with trayvon martin,
i was completely drained.
another promising black boy murdered in cold blood by the police.
whats new?
well my world stopped when i saw michael brown’s autopsy today.
“the bullet went through his eye”.
i damn near busted out in tears.
bad enough i saw the photos of him laying dead in the street.
like wtf is really going on in the united states?….

its no surprise that the police hate black people.
black men especially.
we are “thugs”,
or “gangstas”.
we are good enough to copy,
but still something to be “scared of”.
we dressed in a suit,
lookin’ corporate,
going to work everyday,
and we still getting stopped and frisked.
sistas are either labelled loud mouth ghetto hoodrats or prostitutes.
don’t even get me started on being black and gay.
you just a non factor.
new yawk cops are no joke.
they want to start shit with you for absolutely no reason.
after all these recent killings,
i decided to just cut my regular tude and do whatever they say.
it’s seriously not in my schedule to get shot because i rolled my eyes.

the way how michael brown was killed was absolutely senseless.
he wasn’t armed
didn’t put up a fight
was scared after the officer basically harassed him
put his hands up in the air to surrender.
so why shoot him the way he did?
it really puzzles me as to why he deserved that fate.

being a black male these days is grounds for termination.
a white male could do the same shit and be let off with a warning.
hell what happened to that jackal who shot up the theater?
oh the police just kill our asses because they were “in fear for their lives”.
well what about us???
my thing with michael brown is what will be done?
how will we handle it this time?
clever hashtags?
continue blowing up the town of ferguson?
we do that when shit hits the fan.
it often leads to a killer getting off scotch free.
we need to realize that we only come together when shit happens.
we only start fighting back when one of “us” gets killed.
we don’t support each other when nothing is going on.
well we support the trap of pitting us against each other.
so we will always have this:
no resolution
something for the history books for the future to study
two promising black boys in the grave

uptown-trayvon-martin-photomickbrownits sad and i’m over it.

lowkey: i keep asking myself ( x if the police gunned me down ),
for absolutely no reason,
how would i be portrayed on the news?
something to think about.
you should think about it as well.

x read the live tweets from someone who witnessed everything

x more details on how micheal was killed

10 thoughts on “THE POLICE HATE YOU

  1. tajan, politicians adopt the Jewish Agenda–unlimited support for Israel. And the gay agenda–repeal of DADT, repeal of DOMA, same-sex marriage and a society more gay friendly and a Hispanic Agenda–amenesty for illegal immigrants–which illegal immigration is a disaster for blacks. So the politicians can and should be forced to adopt a black agenda. They will if they are forced to adopt a black agenda. One rule of nature is adapt or die–adapt or suffer the consequences. And that applies to African Americans and politicians.

    Second, as I told jajR above, the real heavy lifting to uplift a people must be done by African American individuals and organizations. It’s possible. A few examples: In 1776, the US opposed the greatest military force in the world–and won. In 1948, the long dream of Zionist–a Jewish state for Jews that had suffered in Europe for centuries–Israel was born. In 1960 China’s economy was a basket case. In 2014 China’s economy is the world’s second largest. It is not written in stone that African Americans will always be at the bottom of the barrel. And we don’t have to be. “Without vision, the people perish.” With vision, the people can flourish. The right leadership can provide the right vision. Look in the mirror. Leadership begins at home!

  2. Brother Dean, you have some good ideas, but I’m afraid, our President is not going to do none of this, he seems to want his legacy to be that of integration and unity with everyone, I know he may care about his people but he will always bow out when it comes to really challenging racism in this country.

    The Police Forces in our country are basically military units used to protect the property and assets of the elite. They could care less about protecting Black people, Poor people and any other people who dont fall into the rich and elite category. Most of the forces are made up of poorly educated white men, who in the everyday world would never succeed at anything other than being the paid thugs they are. I bet if you read the reports that they write you would be shocked because most officers are not very literate. I dont even think that any police force around the country require that you have a degree, and if you were in the military you move to the front of the line. Most minorities on these forces are white washed to the point that they are usually worse than the white officers, when dealing with other minorities.

    These officers have been put into a position to protect people they personally despise. They get off on being able to put Black men in their place especially because they know without their weapons and the law they have no other way to control a Black man, I think many of them are jealous to the point of insecurity when they go into Black neighborhoods and see all these ripped men walking around who could kick their asses without a second thought. As someone who has worked in the criminal justice system, the racism is real and not make believe. They dont even like you and you work in the system with them, so I know how they feel about brothers and sisters on the street. At this point you just have to hope and pray that you dont become a victim because as a Black man-Gay, Str8, Law Abiding, or Thug we all are potential victims to become statistics of police violence.

  3. jajR, you stated “I don’t know what it will take for all of this to come to an end”. I do. Take a look at my comment above for my prescription for government action–state,local and federal to prevent thousands of such deaths. And I’m working on my action plan for action items/action agendas for black individuals and organizations to prevent thousands of more deaths. Two things are sure: First, if you do what you have always done, then you’ll get what you have always gotten. And second, one rule of nature is adapt or die–adapt or pay the consequences.

    We start with the premise that there are problems and that there are solutions for problems. The problems that confront African Americans are are economic, psychological, sociological, political and cultural. (And they have there roots–their genesis in slavery and Jim Crow.) This leads to them being politically and economically weak and unsophisticated. Therefore, they are in positions to be killed with impunity because they are “worth less” or “worthless”.

    According, just like an “80 pound weakling” can goes to the gym and lifts weights to get strong so that he can deal with bullies, African Americans can strengthen themselves economically, psychologically, sociologically, politically and culturally. My 3 point black agenda–discussed above–which should be required by all politicians to earn the black vote is the start. I am also working on action items that black individuals and organizations can and should do to so strengthen black individuals and the black community. Government action as noted above–even if all done–would not provide 100% of the solution. It would provide less than half of the solution. The bulk of the solution must by provided by the “heavy lifting” of black individuals and organizations, including the families.

    How about that? What do you think?

  4. This is indeed draining, upsetting, and just down right inhumane. I don’t know what it will take for all of this to come to an end.

  5. Like you two, I’ve had enough of this. Just like with Trayvon, I had a day where I avoided all internet activity that had to do with it because I couldn’t take reading the racism struggle that we’re still going through today and also the hate that many whites and new blacks are proudly posting on twitter and tumblr. I stayed mainly on this blog and youtube. These stories are literally lather, rinse, repeat. From the young boy about to attend college, to the “he was a thug that deserved to be killed.”

    I’m kind of paranoid because I have young cousins that are around the same age as Trayvon and Michael. I couldn’t imagine losing them like that and then having to watch people slander their character. I feel so bad for their parents. People forget these young boys were still teenagers. Saying they were 6 foot 250 pounds doesn’t change that.

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. ^my favorite comment was on some website I was reading:

      “he was shot like that because he was a monster who was charging at the police.”

      like how ignorant is that shit?

  6. To be frank the police thing was inspired or evolved during slavery when slaves started to run away. They need someone to patrol the night to capture and beaten any slaves that was escaping.

  7. Words are cheap. Action counts. If you do what you have always done, then you’ll get what you have always gotten. Here’s action. These 3 points will prevent thousands of killings like Trayvon Martin’s, Oscar Grant’s and Mike Brown’s.

    Here is a 3 point black agenda that should be adopted for adoption by state federal and local politicians. If they don’t adopt this agenda, then they haven’t earned the black vote. Period. (They adopt the Jewish Agenda–unlimited support for Israel. And the gay agenda–repeal of DADT, repeal of DOMA, same-sex marriage and a society more gay friendly and a Hispanic Agenda–amenesty for illegal immigrants–which illegal immigration is a disaster for blacks. So the politicians can and should be forced to adopt a black agenda. And this is just for politicians and does not include what black individuals and organizations should do to help themselves and uplift a people)
    My draft Black Agenda for federal, state and local government action (The agenda for private/personal action is separate but related.) that Obama must pass includes the following:
    1. In the US, 30%-33% of Black men between 20 and 30 are in prison, probation, jail or parole. That causes tremendous problems for Black society. Children without fathers. Women without husbands, crime, etc. And when the men get out of prison, they often have felony and other convictions that mean that they cannot vote and are virtually unemployable. After the sentence is over felons should be allowed to vote and participate as full-fledged citizens and not second-class citizens.

    That is a problem that would not be tolerated if 30%-33% of white men between 20 and 30 were in prison, probation, jail or parole. (This is due in part to the fact that there is sever racial discrimination at every step on the criminal-justice system from arrest to charging to conviction to sentencing to probation to parole, etc.) That must be corrected with all due speed and I have thoughts on how to correct that, including ditching the “War on Drugs” and more. For example, the prison population in California is nearly 200,000–half the population of Oakland, California. The California Department of Corrections budget is about $12 billion a year–$55k per year per inmate for 3 hots and a cot. Yet the California prison population was only 67,000 in 1987. The Prison-Industrial Complex must be curtailed. And I have thoughts on how to do that. California just passed Proposition 30, which will raise $6 billion a year–1/2 of he yearly Department of Corrections budget.

    This is more of a state problem/issue than a federal problem/issue but the federal War on Drugs contributes to this as does disparate federal treatment in sentencing or crack vs. powder cocaine, etc. and Obama must be challenged to lead!

    2. Unemployment among Blacks will not be helped by legalizing and granting amnesty to 10 million illegal immigrants who now compete unfairly with them for jobs. In fact, unemployment among Blacks will be hurt by such a measure. (Read this article and pay particular attention to the first two paragraphs and know that that situation whereby illegal immigrants take jobs from Blacks is multiplied by thousands of instances nationwide:

    And jobs are being stolen in many fields, including construction, hospitality, restaurants and food production, manufacturing and more!)
    And realize that there is no such thing as free pie. Jobs are limited and are not brought to the USA in backpacks in plane flights here or across the Rio Grande. Resources are limited. For every Spanish book or DVD in the public library, there is one less English book or DVD. For every English as a Second Language class or teacher in school, there’s one less advanced English or remedial English class in school. This will work to solve the immigration problem—and not on the backs of Blacks.

    This is comprehensive immigration reform: 1. Require E-Verify for all current and future employees and couple it with a swift appeals process for those who do not pass E-Verify. 2. Couple that with severe (at least $20,000 per illegal hired per day if hired without E-Verify permission and disallow (make not permissible under the Internal Revenue Code) any expense deduction for such hires. To grant illegal immigrants amnesty and therefore allow them to keep the jobs that they have stolen –disproportionately from African Americans would be a stab in the back by Obama. Illegal immigrants do take jobs from Black Americans. Illegal immigrants separate their own families if they are deported. (Hey, they knew when they acted illegally to stay or enter the county that they could be deported at anytime and they may take their families with them if they are deported. And no one says that the government is ripping apart families when parents convicted of crimes go the jail. The separating of families is the natural consequence of criminal violations of the law in each case.) Obama has his wrong-headed ideas.

    Obama must be kept from stabbing Blacks in the back!
    3. The third item is for Congress and the President to set up a “Blue Ribbon” commission to determine the effects of slavery and Jim Crow on African Americans (the descendants of Africans enslaved and brought to America). The effects should be determined cumulative for each decade, starting in 1860 to date.) It is clear that the effects are ongoing—from the use of the N word, to preferring light-skin, to the term “good-hair”, to the ongoing results of the “doll” test (done perhaps first by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark in the 1940s ) and on and on. The effects of slavery should be determined for the beneficiaries of slavery each decade, starting in 1860 to date as well. Obama must be challenged to lead on this issue as well.

    4. Obama must be challenged to address the Penal-Industrial complex and the harm done by it, particularly to African Americans and the African American community. Obama must be challenged to address the jobs that illegal immigrants are taking from African Americans and the resulting loss of resources and the loss of jobs to African Americans. And finally, he must be challenged to definitively ascertain the costs and benefits of slavery and Jim Crow to all Americans and to determine who got the benefits and who paid the price and what effects are ongoing. I have more ideas for the Black Agenda that Obama must pass. In fact, I suggest that the Black vote be put up for “bid” to the candidates and parties that will follow the Black Agenda-Democrats, Republicans, whoever. How about these ideas?

    5. Many right-wingers have gone to the White House website and have filed petitions regarding secession.

  8. I really do not want to talk about it either, but I agree with everything you said. The situation is draining and all I really want is for justice to be served because he was unarmed.

    1. ^like the situation is so disrespect that you either shake your head or just cry.
      to be shot like a dog in the street?
      the part the depress me tho?
      the fact he was starting college around this time.

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