“You Might Beez Dead, But I Needz To Get Paidz.” – she said.

ctsn4bxwiaaqpoaso the results of how shawty lo died were released.
it lists everything about the crash scene as well.
it also revealed what the two passengers in the car did to shawty lo as well.
this shit is so sad via ajc
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SUB-JP-BROWN-2-master495i was trying to avoid this michael brown situation.
i really was.
not that i didn’t want to get involved,
but as much as i did with trayvon martin,
i was completely drained.
another promising black boy murdered in cold blood by the police.
whats new?
well my world stopped when i saw michael brown’s autopsy today.
“the bullet went through his eye”.
i damn near busted out in tears.
bad enough i saw the photos of him laying dead in the street.
like wtf is really going on in the united states?….

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Paul Walker Died A Horrible Death

tumblr_myvgn308kQ1rj94yfo1_500when i read the autopsy of paul walker,
and his friend roger rodas,
i literally PRAYED they only endured a few moments of that pain while being burned alive.
the daily mail released all the horrifying details and well…
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Jovan Belcher Autopsy Info Revealed… and It Ain’t Good.

the entire story just got even sadder

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