Jovan Belcher Autopsy Info Revealed… and It Ain’t Good.

the entire story just got even sadder

The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office is reporting that Jovan Belcher, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, had alcohol in his system when he shot his girlfriend and then himself.

The autopsy, performed on Dec. 2, showed that Belcher had .179 mg of alcohol in his system, which is double the legal limit in Missouri, according to authorities.

In December, Kansas City police released dashcam video of officers checking the car where Belcher was found sleeping hours before he killed his girlfriend.

Currently, both Belcher and Perkin’s families are fighting for custody of the couple’s infant daughter

he was drunk?!
oh god.
i don’t even know what to say.
i just knew the fighting for the baby would start soon.
this whole situation is about to get extremely messy.
i’m thankful she isn’t like 7 or 8.
i hope they can figure it out soon.
joint custody.

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3 thoughts on “Jovan Belcher Autopsy Info Revealed… and It Ain’t Good.”

  1. Damn. What a twist. I bet if he wasn’t drunk it would not have happened. Alcohol and drugs can cause an individual to do the strangest things. SMH

  2. This was so sad, but it was GOD’s plan and this was the way it was to happen. We often forget to think about our brains and an over load of any substance can trigger a mental break or underlying mental issue to surface. It was probably something he did not know about or did. We as African-American fear the iisue of mental health, because we don’t want peoples to think that we are crazy. Depression is a mental health issue that we all tend to go through in life, so as a man, woman of color we have got to look at things differently.

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