“You Might Beez Dead, But I Needz To Get Paidz.” – she said.

ctsn4bxwiaaqpoaso the results of how shawty lo died were released.
it lists everything about the crash scene as well.
it also revealed what the two passengers in the car did to shawty lo as well.
this shit is so sad via ajc

Passengers with Atlanta rapper Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker at the time of the deadly crash that killed him took money from his pockets at the scene, TMZ reports.

Walker died in a car accident last month after his 2016 Audi crashed through a guardrail on a ramp to Cascade Road off I-285. He died of “blunt force injury to the head,” the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office said. He is survived by 11 children.

TMZ, citing incident reports, notes that two women in the car with Walker after the wreck asked if they could retrieve cash from his pockets before authorities took his body away. With official assent, they did so.

Walker “smelled of alcohol” and had Percocet and Vicodin on him when he died, the report said.


my mouth dropped at those hoes were taking money out his pockets.
i cringed they allegedly did it in front of a police officer.
so they went over to his dead body,
one that i’m sure was disfigured due to the impact,
and were taking money out of his pockets?
you gotta be a special type of “low down and dirty” to do some shit like that.
did he call these jackal hoes his friends?
i would hate to die around jackals who would do some low down shit like that.
 you really gotta watch the type of company you keep.
rip to shawty lo.
dust to those disgusting jackal hoes.

lowkey: how did the jackal hoes survive?
upon further investigation,
their names are destini carter and deshondria miller ( via the celebritea ).

article taken: ajc

6 thoughts on ““You Might Beez Dead, But I Needz To Get Paidz.” – she said.

  1. Why are we shocked and surprise when Hoez do Ho Shit. That’s what they are designed to do, I wouldn’t have expected anything different. He may have promised them I-HOP and I am sure they needed money to get an Uber home after the accident. People dont surprise me anymore, and from the looks of it, this dude lived a ratchet life obviously filled with Hoez and Drugs.

  2. Ridamndiculous…and it’s usually the most ratchet/illest repute that survive and keep on kickin…you always read about an impaired person surviving or having the least injuries due to their relaxed nature, while leaving innocent others mangled for life or worse…apparently not so much the case here though :/

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