Being Gay Is Popular Right Now

6398_omarion.ogwell i didn’t say it.
o-cakes did.
can i just i love his haircut?
okay sorry.
so omarion aka o-cakes got stopped by a tmz reporter to discuss,
and what else,
but the new storyline with milan christopher on “lhhh”.
as you know,
or maybe didn’t read the foxhole yesterday,
but milan accused him (and others) of not filming with him because he is gay.
omarion clearly didn’t get that memo.
well look what he said via tmz
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Who Wants To Go To Hollywood?

I+Love+Lucy+Hollywood+at+Lastwell if you thought mona scott young was gonna turn down,
you obviously bumped your head and didn’t realize it.
there is a “love and hiphop: hollywood” on the way.
the cast?…
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O-Cakes Has Some Good Sperm

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.43.42 AMwell congrats o-cakes!
he finally dropped his beautiful load
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O Cakes Doesn’t Do “Jailbird” (Literally)

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.44.56 AMi’m sure he hit the bottle that night.
so wolf fav,
omarion aka o-cakes,
got arrested friday.

someone i never thought would be thrown in the big house…
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O-Cakes Is Pregnant

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.15.53 PMwell not o-cakes persay,
but his friend over there in the corner.
first lil’ kim and now him?
very random indeed.
i hope 2014 ain’t the year of “can you afford this child?” pregnancies.
anyway he shared ( x the sonogram ) on instagram.
why the baby look like it was dancing tho?
good luck to them both!

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MEAT: Rapper Wolf Edition (365)

1d8fca2ac6eb11e19b0622000a1e8a4f_7well jayceon clean up nice, don’t he?
he better.
he is making his way around the bet award’s festivities.
guess who he took a pic with?…

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