O Cakes Doesn’t Do “Jailbird” (Literally)

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.44.56 AMi’m sure he hit the bottle that night.
so wolf fav,
omarion aka o-cakes,
got arrested friday.

someone i never thought would be thrown in the big house…

Omarion was just hauled off to jail because he committed a cardinal driving sin — not showing up to court on a traffic ticket.  

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ  … the singer was tooling around the San Fernando Valley late Friday morning when he was stopped for running a stop sign.  The officer ran his license and found there was a warrant out for his arrest … for failing to appear in court on an earlier traffic ticket.

The singer was cuffed and taken to jail.

why is he walking like that?
cheryllaughi thought he still had the cuffs on and the officers stepped off camera.
that is crazy you could have a warrant and not even know it.
street cred for what?
i know he was tite.
i wonder how much was that ticket he tried to avoid?
either way,
he is way too fun sized and cakey to do jail.
those jailbird wolves would be fiending for that late night snack.

lowkey: i haven’t paid attention to omarion in a while.
i guess that working out regiment been working.
i see pecs.
it also looks like his cakes vanished tho.

article courtesy: tmz

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “O Cakes Doesn’t Do “Jailbird” (Literally)”

    1. Lin when was O’s penis revealed? I have a thing for short guys holding big packages.

      1. I saw it in tumblr…. Yea me too! I met this guy who is 5’2 or 3 (Im 5’4 btw) and he was fucking huge and thick!!!! It was amazing.

  1. People take being arrested as a badge of honor. Now everyone looks at mugshots like they’re a yearbook photo. I hope I never get arrested. Cops be pulling some secret shit tho. Luckily I don’t get involved with any kind of drug(yet) that they could catch me slipping.

  2. Damn Omarion, you done messed up man. Glad he is out because he could not survive in the pin. He would have to fight. His assets aren’t gone, you just couldn’t see them in what he was wearing. If there is any Wolf out there who claims he wouldn’t bang O, either he is lying or he is not real Wolf. His ass brings all the dudes to the yard. Shit, it might even wake up some from the dead. Him and his girlfriend Apryl will be on Love and Hip Hop LA, which should be coming on towards the end of August. He’ll likely use the show to promote his album.

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