Justin Combs and Friend


who is the shorty lookin’ right?

tumblr_n4pujidz6k1r6qguso2_250 tumblr_n4pujidz6k1r6qguso1_250 tumblr_n4pujidz6k1r6qguso3_250.





tumblr_n4pujidz6k1r6qguso4_250well whoever he is,
he needs to slide in my inbox sometime.

you can read between the lines with that.

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21 thoughts on “Justin Combs and Friend”

  1. Late but yea his name is Sean Harris, i went to Mount Vernon High school with him, hard to belive but he use to be really lil, he also has a brother named Greg Harris thats even finer!

  2. Dude on the right is Sean Harris. Instagram is YSFSEAN. Been drooling over him for a while.

  3. Ever since Justin got caught on BGC, he has been suspect. The gifs don’t help. Karma is going to come back to Diddy through his son.

    1. Yea, I heard about that incident. I thought he stumbled in there by accident not on purpose. Either way, Diddy knows there is a chance that any of his sons might have tendencies. You know they say that homosexuality may be genetics for some. Justin is right tho and he seems cool, and he on top of that he got cake. Justin and Omarion should start their own baking company with all the cake they have.

  4. well their mannerisms in the gifs make me say, hmmmm. LOL
    They’re carrying on like little girls. Even Rihanna had to look back on that one! LMAO

  5. I’d take the friend too. Justin looks like a boy who was once cute, now losing his looks. He needs to grow some hair on his face or something.

  6. Justin is a work of art. That guy next to him in the first pic just exudes S E X….(lowkey, are they of age?) (i feel dirty) 😳

    1. ^i prefer the “exuding sex” look.
      looks can fade.
      sexiness lasts decades.
      don’t get me wrong,
      justin is cute,
      but that MUTHAFUCKA next to him…

        1. ^yeah she had a video of him driving her somewhere.
          i don’t blame him getting a sample of that fat ass.
          she out here giving it out for free anyway.
          allegedly lol

      1. I wouldn’t smash Deelishis for real, she is just old and ratchet. That shit ain’t cute man. She will be 40 in three years and she still acts 25. Nah.

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