Wait! Hold On! That Went Real Deep Yo!

tumblr_n8gvnrQFBW1qf0g5io1_500-1so i just got off a kinda long phone call with a straight wolf friend.
when i say,
he is mad because the clique he was in was nothing but backstabbers.
i coulda told him that from 21 jump street,
but i knew they wouldn’t listen.
so now everything came full circle and sides were chosen.
obviously my friend got dropped.
the beginning of the conversation was talking shit and planning on fighting.
um you are out numbered like 7 to 1.
whats that gonna do anyway?
make you feel like a big strong man?
make your dick grow a few inches more?
then he went into not trusting no one and shouting that “no new friends” crap.
this is what i said in a nutshell…

people have hurt me.
talked about me.
used me.
abused me.
disrespected me.
jumped me.
traded me in for something shiny.
ive been through it with people.
even at my job,
i have had a lot of adversity.
ya’ll know.
liar liar comes in the office,
tries to make convo,
asks me if i want food like i’m really gonna eat from this bitch,
and still manages to talk shit about me.
i won’t sit here and say in the moment,
i didn’t vent about what happened.
i talked shit and acted rah rah.
i am human and i was hurt.
it is okay to get your vent/cry on.

tumblr_n6rss0Pwk21s3effyo3_r1_250it sucks when people turn out to be not what you expected.
jesus didn’t expect judas to betray him either.
at the end of the day,
as much as it sucked,
you shouldn’t lock yourself away in a vault because of it.
dumb asses,
as i like to call them,
will try and make you a bitter person.
sometimes they are so good at putting the knife in deep,
you have no choice to remember the pain.
while they moved on,
you are left hating and not trusting everyone.
you may have good people around you now,
but you will always remember what the dumb ass did.

the-game-purple-smokei told him be thankful they did what they did.
after all my situations,
i am very grateful.
it made me a much better fox.
i’m so much smarter.
i could sniff out red flags better.
i have an extra sense of my surroundings.
my foxy spirit literally acts as a beacon for bullshit.
people have told me i handle things with poise.
that comes with learning the lessons.
if i saw the same people tomorrow,
i would present them a shit cake with icing on it.

omg how are you?
it’s been a long time!
i hope all is well!
good seeing you.”

tumblr_lfy21lstnl1qe0qpno1_500you gotta learn how to bake a shit cake.
doesn’t mean you are inviting a nigga pineapple back in ya life.
just means you can act as fake like them.
so let people hurt you.
let them make you a fool.
let them drag your name through the mud.
in the world of pr,
that means attention and sales.
there are two outcomes that will happen if you let them.
if you forgive but don’t forget,
it will make you a warrior.
the other is letting it make you a complete bitter bitch.
no one likes the bitter bernard/betty.
so like i told him:

it’s your choice.

hopefully he,
and you,

lowkey: this is why i love this song:

i often listening to it on repeat.
i feel nicki every bit of heavy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Wait! Hold On! That Went Real Deep Yo!”

  1. I always end up dropping friends because of some drama. I’m better without em but a part of me still yearns for friendship. Tho I am a loner, I like the company that friendship provides. However, I’m willing to let them go if they show their faults. That’s the bad thing about family. It’s hard to let them go even though you really want to. The best I can do is going without talking to them for a while.

    I can’t be cordial with people I don’t like. When I run into them, it gets awkward because I do my best to ignore them and act like they’re not there but sometimes they get bold and wanna say “hi.”

    You should be thankful you had Starfox in your life J. I wish I had a friend like that.

  2. ^see: how to build a shit cake.
    next entry.

    i am thankful i had someone like star fox in my life.
    he was my best friend and not a day goes by i don’t think about him.
    sometimes i see people who look like him in passing.
    i feel its his spirit.

  3. Great post! Some really good advice J! Now let’s get into Jayceon’s waves in that gif….lawd juebus!

  4. Oh yea, you got to cut people off who are no good and you have to watch your back. In this lifestyle, I keep my friends to a minimum, but I have a good amount straight friends.You can’t have a lot of friends in this life, too much drama. Nah, I’m cool.

  5. He has 2 choices..listen to ur words or go on killing himself thinking that when he holds grude and cuss his so called friends will be affected. Its like him taking poison for them and thinking the poison will do the trick and hirt his friends. The only person hurting is him.

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