Wait! Hold On! That Went Real Deep Yo!

tumblr_n8gvnrQFBW1qf0g5io1_500-1so i just got off a kinda long phone call with a straight wolf friend.
when i say,
he is mad because the clique he was in was nothing but backstabbers.
i coulda told him that from 21 jump street,
but i knew they wouldn’t listen.
so now everything came full circle and sides were chosen.
obviously my friend got dropped.
the beginning of the conversation was talking shit and planning on fighting.
um you are out numbered like 7 to 1.
whats that gonna do anyway?
make you feel like a big strong man?
make your dick grow a few inches more?
then he went into not trusting no one and shouting that “no new friends” crap.
this is what i said in a nutshell…
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