Being Gay Is Popular Right Now

6398_omarion.ogwell i didn’t say it.
o-cakes did.
can i just i love his haircut?
okay sorry.
so omarion aka o-cakes got stopped by a tmz reporter to discuss,
and what else,
but the new storyline with milan christopher on “lhhh”.
as you know,
or maybe didn’t read the foxhole yesterday,
but milan accused him (and others) of not filming with him because he is gay.
omarion clearly didn’t get that memo.
well look what he said via tmz

“you gotta have one of them on the show”.
omarion doesn’t seem to know milan like the last report.
he hit us with the smooth:

OGFhpWi love how he also went from:

“keep that shit out my storyline”


“well why would they have a problem with him?”

he couldn’t make a decision.
well i hate to bust omarion’s bubble,
(see what i did there?)
but being gay isn’t a “trend”.
if that was the case,
i’d be getting some good trendy pipe right now.
being gay is still looked down upon in many places.
the way how he answered the questioned still proves that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Being Gay Is Popular Right Now”

  1. Yeah he seemed real Confused, how he said cmae off like he didn’t accept gays but he understands the need for them as a business deal. Sigh

  2. Seems like he didn’t know what to say. I’ll say this. Omarion should know being gay is not a trend, but something one cannot help. After all, Chris Strokes could not help but to place his hands on him and the rest of his group members years ago. I thought pastors laid hands on people….shiddd.

    1. Right I nearly forgot all about those rumors and pics that came out years ago relating to Chris strokes and b2k.

  3. In related news Lil Fizz’ baby mama called Miles aka Sir Brock, DL.He went on his IG and explained he wasn’t on the DL because his ex,Amber and everyone knows he sleeps with men and women.You are only on the DL if you secretly sleep with men.He also said she is probably sleeping with DL men.LOL
    I think it’s funny because some women can always spot a DL brother EXCEPT for the one they are sleeping with.

    1. But in the show he said Milan was the first man he’s been with and will probably be the last. I knew he was lying he been dealing with men from day one. Amber looks kinda tranny ish too.

  4. Being gay or gay friendly is in fact a trend in Hollywood and plenty of people are finding a way to capitalize on gay marriage being legalized.

    I respect celebrities who don’t fake interest in gay issues or pander to gays specifically in anyway more than the ones who tweet fake support and use gay lingo knowing they’d cringe if a gay person even looked at their child.

    His answer was honest and what I’d expect from a young, heterosexual, black man.

      1. The whole issue highlights why heterosexual men associating with homosexual men can be a sticky situation and I don’t think heterosexual men who choose to avoid personal, friendly interactions with homosexual are completely wrong in their apprehension or complete refusal to do so.

      2. Jay, but the boils down to the maturity of the individuals.

        No is asking the they have to force a conversation with Milan and Miles, but delegating them to some stray domestic animal shows their childishness.

    1. You make valid points. But the issue isn’t about ass kissing but rather about respect and maturity. But then again, this is Love and Hip Hop…

  5. @OPM1988: I’m not sure if you watched the last season, but Omarion’s storyline pretty much centered around his family. He didn’t really partake in the foolishness. How would the gay dudes fit into that? He’s right they don’t need to be in his storyline.

    I will bet money they’ll be worked into the show through the women. Maybe one of them does hair and makeup? Lol

    …that last line was petty but I don’t care lol

    1. I never said Milan had to be in any of the guys’ storylines. If it fits, it fits. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I never really expected them to engage with Milan anyway.

      I stand by my last point. You can have a stance with someone without the hysterics. It’s all a maturity thing. Let’s agree to disagree.

  6. If a new straight rapper was added on the show,would Omarion say “keep that shit out my storyline”,I doubt it.Omarion reacted like an immature,insecure boy.A thirtysomething year old father who is secure and confident with his sexuality isn’t going to be threatened or bothered by interacting with an openly gay man.Omarion is scared of being Guilty(of being gay) by association.Being gay is not crime, it is not a lack of manhood,it is not a character weakness.It is not unnatural.Anybody who thinks it is,is ignorant.But I guess anyone has the right to be ignorant.

    As for gay being popular, if it was so Damn popular why is it there are virtually no openly gay well known A list actors, in 2015 ? There is a reason these people are not publicly out.Hollywood is not gay friendly when it comes to actors being honest about who they love,especially if they are Black men.

      1. LOL JAY! EXACTLY!

        I agree with you as well Y Colette! Though, was it just me, but didn’t Omarion say he was a bisexual on twitter at one point or was that fake? (It was probably fake)

        Uh Like I said before, these guys are pretending like it really effects their careers or whatever but everyone already thinks most if not all of these guys are gay/bi/DL (especially Omarion and Soulja) so I’m not really seeing what would change lol.

        I guess they dont want the world to confirm what we’re really thinking anyway.

        But yes YC, if you’re truly confident about your sexuality, why would you care so much about someone else being gay? If you’re straight what does that have to do with you? Sure the media will make up stories but if nothing never happens b/w you two, then what is there to be afraid of? And they’re making these assumptions that he’s going to automatically like one of them just because he’s gay. Oi, there’s just a lot of huffing and puffing for no reason.Smh

      2. Well they added a new straight rapper named Amber to the show and I guarantee you he would not have had the same reaction if he was asked about her joining the show.Despite the fact she wouldn’t be in his family oriented storylines either.

  7. Seeing his reaction to this lets me know that this storyline is fake and made up for sensationalism. Omarion didnt even know anything about this and the show starts next month, so they have already been filming. Nobody has not agreed to film with Milan, Mona has him out here saying things to generate buzz for the show. Now that I think about it, what is the difference with them filming with him at a public event if he is on the show, if they dont know him, they dont know if he is gay or not unless he is coming out telling everyone when he meets them, they may put it together, but if they are at work which the TV show is their job, I am sure there are gay dudes who work behind the scenes that they have to work with, hell Mona gives me she is a big old Stud her damn self, so whats the problem. This reality show shit is so made up and contrived.

  8. He is an insecure loser. His reaction & body language said it all. And so is that burnt twix bar Soulja Girl.

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