I Have My Pastor’s Sex Tape and I’m Going To Leak It Soon

11698695_1450390518598999_8750538863558105251_njackals rise!
why does it seem to be that kind of day?
so markeith rivers is at it again.
remember he outed rapper ( x trizzy trill ) a month ago?
well now he has a video of him and his pastor he is threatening to leak.
his pastor.
anyway this is what queerty has to say about it…

weepingwillowAnother day, another pastor caught up in an alleged gay sex scandal. Or he’s possibly just being extorted. We’re not sure which.

25-year-old Markeith Rivers (AKA  the “Down Low D.L. Detective”) claims he has an explicit tape of himself and Henrico White, an Evangelist pastor from North Carolina, engaging in some hardcore man-on-man hanky panky. Now, he’s demanding White resign from his post or he’ll upload the video online for the world to see.

In a 12-minute video posted to his Facebook page in July, Rivers, who was arrested in Charlotte earlier this year for assault, explains that White was his family’s pastor when he was growing up. Two years ago, they reconnected on Adam4Adam.

“He sent me a picture. I sent him a picture,” Rivers alleges in the video. “I guess, he hadn’t seen my in years, since I was a kid, so I guess he didn’t realize who I was.”

According to Rivers, he invited White over to his place and they “immediately got down to business.”

“We do oral sex,” he alleges. “We do anal sex. I’m mean, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re — we’re in the — oh yeah!”

Being a detective, Rivers goes on to explain that he records “everything.” Naturally, this included having sex with his childhood pastor.

“I try to tell people,” Rivers says, “I’m not a porn star. … I’m never going to post anything of myself that I can’t blur out of myself. I can post anybody else’s dick, anybody else’s ass if I want to, but you’re not gonna see mine. I don’t do those kinda things. My mama raised me better than that.”

Afterwards, Rivers says he contacted Weeping Willow Church, where White has worked since 2014.

I am not a porn star therefore I have no desire to post the video online,” he continues, “but I have shown this video to deacons from Weeping Willow and they both confirm the man in the video was their pastor. I am not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am just a wolf! When a man can have sex with me on Saturday night then stand in the pulpit Sunday morning that man needs to be exposed!”

This week, Rivers uploaded to his Facebook profile a four-part undercover video of himself meeting with church officials at a restaurant to discuss the extortion next course of action.

“I’m gonna make sure every single Sunday I have my supporters come down there [to the church] and act a fool,” Rivers threatened, “and I’m gonna make sure they know that you guys support a man who gay!”

“I am the D.L. Detective. That’s what I do,” he continues. “I do my own investigations. And I have my own laws and how I think of things.”

“My personal mission from this point on, with thousands of my followers, is to make sure your church never have a good Sunday. Ever!

At the end of the video, Rivers collects $120 “for travel and per diem” from the officials. So far, neither White nor the Weeping Willow Church have released any statements about the allegations or their meeting with Rivers.























this is really happening.
i didn’t want to believe it until i saw the videos.
here are all the 4 parts courtesy of nick grooms:


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.38.25 PMlike…
tumblr_m84oevZVMZ1qaf90uo2_250i’m confused.
what is the point of this?
is there a cash pay out?
markeith says he is a student and runs a charity
but you out here outing people for gummy bears and cough drops?
 i can’t.
someone do something with this jackal.

article: queerty

pictures and videos: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “I Have My Pastor’s Sex Tape and I’m Going To Leak It Soon”

  1. I think you should stop posting about his antics (and that of other jackals). You’re giving him exactly what he wants.

  2. Oh jamari ya wearing me out man! Too much tea for the night I can’t, I can’t wait this and see this is why I stay home on a Sunday and keep my hard earned money in my pockets.

  3. …”My mama raised me better than that”…

    …Do I even need to say anything? …LMAO That says it all!

    Gosh, here I am thinking that you actually have to be attractive to get laid in this forest! I must have this game all wrong because that guy just doesn’t have it, yikes. Different strokes for very different folks it seems LOL!

    Is having standards even a thing anymore?, or do people just let any “thing” suck their dicks these days? I’m clearly out of the loop LOL!

    1. you took the words right out of my mouth. he is gonna fuck around with the wrong person and that will be it. his ass will be found dead somewhere.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and peanut ran in the same circles.

    This feels very personal, when he outed the other dude I saw felt like he did it just to be messy. But this feel different to me like this pastor might have shunned him in church or something.

    This is just plain evil mess, but karma is watching.

  5. This is why DL preachers should stick to sleeping with the deacons and the choir director.jk
    I can’t believe they exchanged pictures.Markeith is hideous.
    Maybe he will be arrested for extortion.

  6. Something bad is gonna happen to him and I hate to say stuff like that but this guy is just one dramatic fag who is upset he has hiv and he’s trying to ruin people lives because he is hurting and mad if the pastor is gay God would bring it to the loght if he wanted everybody to know that’s what I’m so scary this is just sad

  7. Why out the minister? People should not be outed except for one reason: hypocrisy of a public person. For example, if the person to be outed is a minster or a politician who works/speaks against gays in a that public position, then he can be outed. If he’s DL or married to a woman that’s irrelevant.

    Here, there does not appear to be a good reason to out the minister. Except for, Markeith Rivers appears to think that it is shameful to be bisexual or homosexual and so he wants to bring shame on someone who is homosexual or bisexual. The minister does not appear to be engaging in shameful activities. Markeith Rivers appears to be engaging in shameful activities.

  8. Yeah Jamari, I agree with the first comment
    I dont think its right for this post to be up
    With all due respect, IT IS YOUR BLOG, you post what you want
    But this DL detective guy (I dont know his real name) has serious physcological issues if he gets pleasure outta exposing these people and ruining their lives
    I dont think we should contribute to this
    Clearly the people he has sex with who DONOT WANNA BE RECORDED
    Lets not do this j

  9. I live near Charlotte and the streets are talking. He has a bounty on his dreads. I also know Rico White he was a mentor to my jr.high back in the day. Everyone knows he’s gay. Markeith is using explicit pics from scorned ex girlfriends and he’s deliberately embarrasing guys who have cheated. They aren’t cheating with men, but other women. He was getting threats and lot of visits to his house recently and had to leave Charlotte for his own protection. This guy will be in jail or in a cold grave before the end of 2015.

    1. Yes, I did look at Markeith Rivers’ Facebook page and he mentioned a few interesting thing, including that he had to move due to many death treats and that you’re crazy if you have a relationship with him.

    2. I have to agree. My ear is to the Charlotte streets as and I know a lot of hood “pine apples” and that’s the word. There’s definitely a price on this young man’s head and I honestly can’t even say I feel bad. That’s sad to say, but Markeith is messy! He’s an uneducated, uncouth, dumb ass, banjee queen. I question some of the guys who have messed with him and they were like, “He wasn’t like that when we conversed or whatever.” Bullshit. A queen can only put on the masculine facade for only so long.

      I was a part of his expose’ group before he got popular and that man is sick. I thought he was exposing these guys because they did something to him. No, he’s exposing them because he feels like it. So, he’s ruining people’s lives, because he got a quick out of it. ALLEGEDLY, this Pastor guy may have been his sponsor and cut him off. That’s what i’m hearing, but i’m not sure about that.

      I honesty hope he finds his solace. While away from Charlotte.

  10. dude just seems so misguided and unhappy. he’s hiding behind this DL detective mess or compensating for something … or both … I just hope it is all worth it to him in the end.
    and also … I’ll be the first to say it … his locs are gorgeous – they look so healthy …

  11. Now you see why some DL guys and black male celebrity who are out prefer to play in the snow? I love black men of all shade but let’s be honest…the black gay community doesn’t have a good public image. We are either seen as trifling or bringing down each other. Not to mention the media always like to make it seem that black gay men are predominately effeminate.

    1. Can’t loop all blacks in that category. If anything, it’s the really fem gays that are messy like that…black, white or hispanic. They love to stir up drama. Yet it’s always the fem type that DL guys seem to go for. They reap what they sow!
      As they say, you should only mess with someone that has as much, or more, to lose!

  12. Damn I need to see one more jackal before I make a conclusion because I hate judging people by their looks, but I just notice something about these jackals.

  13. This dude Markeith is dealing with a lot of self hate issues. I cant stand these messy ass queens. It is not his place to ruin someone’s life just because they choose to sleep with his funky ass!

  14. I think he has HIV and is bitter… because he’s playing a very dangerous game here. Any hope he has of attracting someone went out of the window. He’s gonna turn up dead or disappear.

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