everyone needs to be aware of whats going on around them.
danger lurks around every corner.
sometimes what we think is good for us,
can actually be the worst thing to come into our lives.
when i write entries,
i try to present all sides.
the good and the bad.
the wholesome and the downright ratchet.
we cover it all within the foxhole.

i wrote an entry about markeith rivers outing another person.
this time it was a pastor.
i got a few comments and emails about taking it down.
i asked myself:


this needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.
markeith rivers needs to be written about.
we meet his type” every single day.
they come in all flavors.
they can be masculine or feminine.
we share intimate moments with them only to be betrayed.
you would be naive to think his “type” only looks like that.
that it has a certain action or smell.
“jackal” wears many a fur.

tumblr_mlrxc1qi2K1qbv8vlo1_1280i will feature things that may not be “the right thing”.
sometimes it may piss many a forest off.
you have a choice.
read it or throw it away.
before you throw it out,
see how it could appeal in your life.
don’t ever think you won’t be “outed”.
the horror of seeing your private life played across public screens.
you need to know whats going on.
you need to know the “markeith daniels” of the world.
you need to be careful in these forests.
not everyone has your best interest at heart.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Be-Aware”

  1. Messiness is like an actor, it can take on many forms and characteristics, like you said it’s something we all need to know.

    Yes in a sense he’s getting the game he wanted but I have a feeling it’s not going to work out for him, cautionary tale for those thinking of doing the same.

  2. Yea I thought it was strange when some of the guys was telling you to delete that post, but sometime people don’t like to read about themselves.

  3. really have to watch out for people. When they get angry, you might as well forget it. If it happens to me, the person on the other end better be ready for an ass beaten. I don’t play that shit. NOPE

  4. I feel you. We know folks like him exist. Respect, its your blog you post whatever you want. And I bet he is LOVING the attention he is being given.

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