Roseburgandy and The Male He Allegedly Loves?

here i go,
predicting the future again.
so remember that roseburgandy character hazel-e is dating?
i may have been right on the “with males” part in the last entry.
he might be alleged “rent a dick”,
according to one of my clever foxholers.
this is some of roseburgandy’s dms with said male…

…with hazel-e allegedly jumping in his dms as well:

if this is real,
she should be embarrassed.
i mean,
this video she recorded is already cringy af:

…but fighting with your wolf’s alleged male side piece is a new low.
her pride is obviously non-existent.
i can see why he’d date her then.
hazel-e does look like a drag queen:

…or some kind of horse.
the facial is strong with that one.
it’s just how alleged dl wolves like em.

eta: here are alleged more leaks from another male…

and another:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Roseburgandy and The Male He Allegedly Loves?”

  1. Those are fake. When you’re DMing someone it doesn’t have the “@” symbol in front of their name. This is probably something they photoshopped lol

  2. I am more curious about why he chose Rose Burgandy as his stage name.Until a couple of weeks I thought Hazel was dating a woman named Rose.I haven’t watched LHHH since the season Miles and Milan was on the show back in 2015.That’s the only season I watched.
    Maybe Rose is bisexual if so “technically” he is telling the truth when he says he is not gay.

  3. Damn, I just heard from lipstick alley that Love and Hip Hop dropped her from the show. Karma sure has been punctual this weekend.

  4. And they always said Sarah Jessica Parker looked like a horse….Well, someone else got her beat. What is Miss ole Donkey face talking about now? Hasn’t she had enough or does she need to go back to her stable?

    If anyone hasn’t noticed….there are major spiritual forces at work here. Half this year and most of next year a lot wll hit the fans of justice. Lots of ill intentions will be exposed, and a great deal of karma will be dissed out, many secrets will be revealed…if you think this is something, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Keep watching and observing. From the President to the Hurricanes, to Hollywood and everything else…

    This message was NOT brought to you by Ms. Cleo…Do not call me for a free reading…

  5. Those are his real DMs he’s trade….Hazel E. Didn’t even really deny it when she DMed that Queen who exposed him.

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