“I Only Gave Head 4 Times This Year. I’m Safe!”

well you getting more than calcium from giving head.
you might be getting a load of cancer.
so the head hunters out here are more at risk,
they’re saying.
an f-bi sent me an article from “the daily mail”.
it goes on to font

Men who have performed oral sex on five or more partners have the highest risk of HPV-related head and neck cancer, a new study shows. 

While the current rate of diagnoses is low – affecting just 0.7 percent of the male population – researchers at Johns Hopkins warned men may not be aware that they have a far higher risk than women, especially if they smoke.

The study, released today, is the latest piece of evidence to show that boys do need the HPV vaccine as much as girls – and in some cases it is more pressing for males

When the vaccine was first rolled out, it was only provided to teenage girls to protect them from HPV-related cervical cancer.  

But data suggest the incidence of oropharyngeal cancer will overtake cervical cancer in the US by 2020 – and sexually active men have a high risk.


the way the world is going,
we might not even be able to kiss anymore.
that’s when ima really be tite.
it’s almost like a plot to a movie.
the cubs in 3017 gonna be artificially inseminated.
sex will be so high risk and dangerous.
it would be something they gotta read about.
lowkey: shit,
i know some who already sucked over 15 dicks this year.
article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on ““I Only Gave Head 4 Times This Year. I’m Safe!””

  1. Praise the Lord I don’t fall into temptation of sucking random peen. I know some folks say meh folks been sucking for years…nut I hear Cancer can be super painful to go through. Truth be told you see a lot of folks these days talking bout how much they enjoy sucking after the gym peen or musty din-ga-lings…O also believe eating folks asses play a part as well, but that’s just my opinion. We are dealing with microscopic organisms here that have been around since forever…They think Dove and Aveeno is gonna keep them at bay? 😂😂

  2. Will this stop the gays from finding gloryholes in random bathrooms and swallowing gallons of unknown babies? I doubt it.

    The sad part is one day hand holding Will be a way to get an std/sti.

  3. It’s weird because we were taught in school about communicable and non-communicable diseases in school. So now Cancer is communicable? I’m not understanding. Cancer from having sex? That is wild to me.

  4. It might be the bacteria plays a part (I’m not for sure tho you never know whats going on these days). We must also keep in mind that science has a lot of truth to it but is also based on a lot of scientfic theory and what they tell us to believe (or accept to be true). They also taught our asses about Christopher Columbus discovering America but now we know the true tea on Ms Columbus and her entourage.

    I can for sure say that the human gut has a plethora of different strains of bacteria and everyone’s body is different. You have folks that will suck a peen straight outta someone’s ass or vagina. You have men that will smash a female and then go get sucked off by someone else without washing their dingalings. You have folks that don’t wash themselves at all. Spraying they balls with AXE ain’t gonna help much.

    You have folks that don’t wipe their asses properly or have dirty balls…Nasty dudes that will mess with a female on her period. Nasty folks that pick their noses, scratch their nuts and butt cracks and don’t wash their hands..You have people that mess with animals..etc (By the way, animals get STDs too). You never know what kind of pathogens and stuff are getting together these days for a disease after party on Planet Earth.

    And with this PreP thing, some dudes seem to forget about other STIs. You really have a lot to consider when you are hooking up with folks these days or deciding to go to a Freakem Father’s Day Sex Party in ATL. Is the the dik really worth it? Is that wet ass really the fountain of youth you claim it to be? Even if you don’t get cancer, you sure don’t want a super strain of gonerehha or syphilis up in there either. Ain’t a pretty sight. 😐😥

    1. And as note, I do believe that there are some STDs that you can get from skin to skin contact..Sex ain’t the only way. Alot of folks still believe that you can’t catch STIs or HIV from oral sex (slim but a risk is a risk) either.

  5. I never understood the pleasure of swallowing semen anyway lol. Feels ew. I taste a bit of my own semen with a finger swipe and that was bitter as well. How guys swallow the whole thing is beyond me..

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