Hazel-E IG Meltdown Was Not Sponsored By Duracell

that is a real animal.
this is one of the reasons i’m glad i stay off of reality tv.
we tend to give those who don’t deserve it a platform.
one of the “somethings” on “love and hiphop hollywood”,
went on some kind of ig meltdown dissing black vixens.
strike 2.
strike 1 is that face of hers.
it was the rant against the gays that really banished her tho.
well the jackal she dates,
went on the rant and she cosigned…

so dick putting batteries in backs now?

for her sake,
i hope he doesn’t cheat
with males.

for someone who did pr tho,
i’m baffled at her motives.
she dissed two of her potential fan bases.
you don’t have to worry about that beak taking up scenes anymore tho.
she has been reportedly fired from “lhhh”.
according to tmz:

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is done with Hazel-E — she’s been dropped from the hit show, but producers claim it’s NOT because she said all gays should burn in hell.

A spokesperson for VH1 and the show’s producers, Monami and Eastern, say they collectively decided not to pick up Hazel’s option for the next season of ‘LHHH’ — but the decision was made on Oct. 4. That’s a full 2 weeks before Hazel and her boyfriend went on a heinously homophobic social media rant.

Sources connected to production tell us Hazel had already worn out her welcome by the time she made the remark about gays and the Bible. We’re told she pissed off producers back in September, during the reunion show taping, which is why they pulled the plug.

As we reported, ‘LHH’ creator Mona Scott-Young was infuriated by Hazel’s verbal attack, and made sure VH1 knew it … perhaps to squash any possibility of bringing her back.

whatever mona.
milan christopher,
another who isn’t on of the “lhhh” corner any longer,
decided to jump in with a diss track towards hazel-e:

she was irrelevant to my life then and now.
i’m sure she won’t be missed.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Hazel-E IG Meltdown Was Not Sponsored By Duracell

  1. Baby…Rose’s gay lover from a few years ago already put dat ass on full blast! You gotta get into the whole beef! Jess Hilarious the comedian got “Nasal E” together and the gay lover did a video exposing Rose as Trade from the DMV area. His name is something like therealcamyonce or something like that.

      1. Yep! He said he and rose were just lovers, rose wanted more but he was known for being a rent-a-dick. He disappears for a moment and pops up in this “relationship” with Hazel who was just supposed to be his manager and someone who could take his “career” to the next level.

          1. Way too late! You already got ya closet-case boyfriend making anti gay statements, so sad when ppl hate themselves and their own kind, and she CLEARLY stated in her comments “In hell just like the bible says”. How can that be taken out of context? She should’ve already know once you piss off the Rainbow Mafia ya career is done!

  2. For the black community and the gay community, come and take these L’s that I picked out.

    Both communities play a part in this too. Why do we keep on giving these people platforms for foolishness? It doesn’t enrich your life. It doesn’t help black on black crime. Why contribute to a show that does nothing but propels negative black stereotypes? I truly don’t know who this woman is because I don’t watch Love and Hip Hop because it takes away from my intelligence. K Michelle has shown yall, Porsha from RHOA has shown yall and yall live for these women that mock the gay community and appropriate the black gay culture at the same time. Stop giving these women and men platforms that don’t fuck with your tribe.

    1. ^im guilty of tuning into “rhoa” on occasion,
      but the fact still remains these shows are trash af.
      “lhh” is bottom of the barrel when it comes to them tho.
      that one is regurgitated toilets with different shits.
      shame that this is how folks who didn’t make it,
      or couldn’t create a career,
      go to truly die.

      1. What’s a shame is that our communities watch garbage like this. I’ve seen a few episodes of each LHH show and I haven’t even heard of most of the people on them. They’re giving these chicks platforms to act a damn fool and act ghetto as hell. And they expect to be taken seriously?! GTFOH

    2. I don’t watch any of the reality tv shows for these exact reasons. These ppl don’t use the platform they are on for anything positive. Its always fighting, degradation, demeaning, and paints us in a bad light.

        1. I have yet to see, hear of, or read about anything positive coming from anyone on these shows. I’m glad some of the cast members on various shows realized how bad they were making themselves look and jumped ship before they really messed themselves up

          1. Chile bye lol
            And you see what happened when Ev went back. She should’ve stayed off the show. Erica definitely doesn’t need to come back. Rich made her look so dumb it wasn’t funny. She should continue pursuing that modeling career. She’s a pretty girl. She could really make it

  3. I don’t like Nazel him but let be honest we all pick this girl since season 1 even though see been acting like she that bitch I remember when she got into that car accident I remember y’all told girl she should’ve die. Now as far as boyfriend I don’t care for him he look like a old ninja turtle maybe he’s tired of people saying he’s gay idk. I’m just over this whole story the girl been forgot STOP TALKING ABOUT HER.

      1. Exactly I knew about this story but I didn’t bother mentioning it because I knew you had never covered her.

      2. I Know. I’m really talking about everybody else. If you don’t like her stop talking about her it’s that easy. like now the boy who expose her homophobic homo boyfriend is getting death threat. Idk what he except

      3. First Let me say excuse my grammar but let me just say this I’m honestly can’t be at mad Nazel, Toucan sam or what I call her baby bop. The reason I can’t be mad her is cause I seen so many black female and gays talk down to each to the point we’re if I see one famous person like Nazel say it, it really doesn’t affect me. I love dark and brown black women they are all women that can turn me out but We never talk about the amount of dark skin black women that say worst shit that Nazel said on Instagram

  4. Lol I called this when she had no qualms about outting Jason Lee’s alleged boyfriend. Then the way she tries to put Safaree on blast about allegedly being on the downlow. Not surprised she dates trash when she is trash, just like her so called Music that Mona Scott can barely pay extras on the show to seem like it’s popping 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Dude can’t be talking shit on Instagram when there’s a video of him getting his ass beat in front of Dildo Nose 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Never heard of her or have seen a any of the shows. First, she’s not really cute, just lightskin and she really looks more like a dehydrated giraffe more than anything else and that doesn’t get a pass from me…..Second…what’s with these blacks talking about gays and the Bible and burning in hell. If Im not mistaken, if we really want to go there, the Bible says no sin is greater than the other…She has tattoos over her body, wears tight clothes and dresses like a harlot, verbally and visually hates her neighbors, is fake and messy and Im pretty sure she has sucked several dicks out of wedlock…She’s practically a walking can of Family Dollar gasoline.

  6. Of course Milan’s thirsty ass just couldn’t RESIST from trying to get some attention from this LMAO he is so shameless it’s so laughable. Miles is lame for defending Hazel but one thing about him is that he isn’t AS attention hungry as Milan. This dude always tries to make a scene so the blogs pick it up and the good thing is that now a lot of the blogs with the most clout don’t care about him anymore since he isn’t on TV or anything. Milan just stop & do porn since that’s all you seem to offer on Instagram because clearly nobody is interested in your “music”.

    *Drops mic*

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