Lets Talkkkkkkk About Empire Episode 3…

so i caught up on empire just now and well…

persons-0119now this is the empire i like!
less celebs and more story!
i have a few thoughts:

  • how trife was guadalupe?
    she walked her ass right over to lucious with no issue.
    i guess she was over it after them push ups.
  • lucious is so fuckin’ bad…
    …and it turned me the fuck on!
    he pulled the ultimate power move on cookie.
    how you gonna buy all the radio stations?
    how you gonna steal your talent?

    i had to give him props for that.
  • andre is begging wayyyyyyyy too much.
    like he done tried to use the fetus as leverage.
    whats next?
    rip off his arm and give it to lucious with a bow on it?
  • its like…
    they don’t know what to do with boo boo kitty anymore.
  • i actually liked hakeem’s song.
  • i kinda like jamal’s song with pitbull.
  • i really like what jamal is doing to his bawdy.
  • whats with the wardrobe this season?
    why is cookie dressing so…
  • how hakeem gonna diss his father tho?

    tumblr_nvx2dr8wxS1qki2c1o1_250 tumblr_nvx2dr8wxS1qki2c1o3_250 tumblr_nvx2dr8wxS1qki2c1o2_250likkkkkkkeeeeee…..

next week preview:


its def going to be on!


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6 thoughts on “Lets Talkkkkkkk About Empire Episode 3…”

  1. Yes you got my wife dancing in the that gif. Justin Dior Combs. I’ll wife him up ASAP…..but yea empire is was good. Andre is too fucking fine tho! He oozes sex appeal without taking his clothes off!

  2. Boo Boo Kitty was the Insider.They were talking about her being engaged to Trai Byers(Andre) in real life.The host mentioned she had slept with Luscious and Hakeem.Since Jamal is gay,the only Lyons man left to sleep with is Andre.She said she and Trai have joked about what if the writers put that in the script.Boo Boo Kitty hooking up with Andre:-)

  3. I agree 100% with everything here. Lucious is like a black JR Ewing or Victor Newman. (My mom watched a lot of soap operas over me, don’t judge.) This show was 500% better than the other two episodes. I’m very hopefully for the show now. I hope that Lucious and Anika will get back together, and she can go back to being her proper self. Then the show would be perfect.

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