It Leaves Me Begging For More

Htgawm_season_2_poster…and i love when i have to beg.
i just finished watching episode 2 of the new season of “how to get away with murder” on abc.
all i have to say is…

this is the only show that makes me sound like i’m getting good sex:


viola davis
emmy #2?
she plays the FUCK out this role.
i’m a high key stan of her acting.
when you pull your entire wig off
tumblr_ndrt0vgmFf1soeu43o7_500she gets “ugly” with her acting.
i like “ugly” acting.
viola puts her whole emotions in her roles.
i love her.
well this new season has me on the edge of my seat.
i literally held my breath during the last scenes of both episodes.
so her students killin’ everyone?
and are they gonna leave her on the floor dying?

annalise is surrounded by goons!

the twists and turns…

get into this show!
its great tv!
the first season is on netflix; no chill.
you gotta focus on this plot.
as always…

Let a fox know what you think.

lowkey: i love how viola walks in this show.
i know her feet be hurting.
if i could act,
i’d want a role on this show.
i’m still “the powerful fox” to jamal on #empire in my head.

he wants to cheat on dora with me.
it ain’t gonna cum that easy.


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11 thoughts on “It Leaves Me Begging For More”

  1. I LOVE this show! It always leaves me on edge, especially when they flash forward too. I enjoy how they show us what’s going on with each individual character personal life. I wish I was one of those law students.

    Who do u think shot her?

    And yeah she walk like she tired and ready to go home LOL 😂 & like her feet hurt.

      1. Me too. Seem like anyone around her is capable of hurting somebody. Let’s not forget those new rich kids this season. 👀 The prosecutor was on the ground too. 😳

  2. I love viola she’s one of my favorite actress of all time me because she just so great at it. I started this show last year but with work I didn’t keep up with it but my sister tells me it’s good as fuck. So I’m gonna try to get back into it. I didn’t care for any of the students lives or characters so that is what had me fall off.

  3. I love this show too! I really think Michaela had something to do with getting Annalise shot. Like who told that ho to text the number??????????? No wonder Laurel felt she had to keep her in check since she stay doing dumb sh*t. Ughhhhhhhhh!

  4. I am in love with this show. It got good drama, plot twist and I like the cases too. But can I say Empire is somewhat a let down?

    1. I was shocked at how bad empire was. It was awful. It seems as though the acting got worse. Scream Queens is where it at.

    2. Yeah, but i think they’re building stuff up for the real huge surprises. The second episode planted alot of stuff that’ll come back up later in the season. Like with Lucisous’s mother being bipolar and thus hinting at why Luscious is so hard on Andre and why Luscious is the way he is.

  5. Best show on TV at the moment, I love coming up with theories and seeing if they come true about whats gonna happen. Plus overall beautiful cast.

    My favorite thing about it is that it’s a show of villains, there are no real good guys. I get tired of the cliches so this is a welcome change.

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