The “B” Word

tumblr_mtkivgAsze1rd87cbo1_500i been in a funky mood as of late.
things been real “blah” in my world.
from this idiot temp i’m training,
my mouth issue,
which has finally started going down tremendously,
and just feeling aggravated as of late.
its been a busy week.
jamari fox has been in a real “b” word.
everyone has noticed.
i’m sure you have.
last night i came in after a long day and crashed.
i was extremely tired.
well work wolf hit me up and asked me if i wanted to chill tonight.

“where u at?”
“u ok?”
“jamari u okay?”

after 3 hours of deciding,
i replied that i was down to go out.
it was pouring,
and cold as fuck
but why not?…

i stood in front the building,
waiting for him and nightly after work.
oh she was going as well.
it was od raining so we decided to go to a lounge.
nothing crazy.
we walked a couple blocks and hit up this spot we all wanted to try.
it was a hookah spot that served food as well.
since it was raining,
it was pretty…
tumblr_mdjnqpKl1Q1qaf90uo9_r1_250its funny how new yawk doesn’t shut down even in a storm.
people are still outside,
getting soaked,
all while looking for something to get into.

so as we sitting there,
sipping on our drinks and hookah in “watermelon” flavor,
they both tried to cheer me up.
i won’t lie,
but it was working.
i like their company.
we laugh and act completely stupid in public.

well we all got pretty nice.

i notice when work wolf gets a few drinks in him,
he also gets sorta open.
his personality comes out even more.
its cute.
it went from joking about his mis-matched outfit to sex.
he kept asking nightly about her new wolf and if they smashing yet.

“he fuckin’ you in the morning?”
“you been smiling all extra hard so that dick must be good.”

she would respond some smart ass shit.

“work wolf!
mind you fuckin’ business!”

…then he turned to me.
he would make subtle jokes about me being gay.
nothing offensive.
he wanted me to blow out the charcoal on the hookah.
nightly was going to do it,
but he stopped her.

“nah i want jamari to do it.”

“i’m close.”

“nah because he likes to blow.”

“fuck you!” – i replied.

ignorant ass!”

we ordered a shish kebab plate.
well i did.
they all ate off it.

“how do you like your meat jamari?
big or small?
dark or light?”

i laughed.
he was looking at me dead in my eyes too.
he looks in my eyes more when he is under the influence.

“i don’t like it big,
i know that.”

nightly looked at me and scrunched up her face.
i had to tell her that my shit ain’t gonna snappin’ back.
i don’t “do” big pipes.
well here go work wolf on the suspect:

“that asshole probably real tight so thats why…”

a little while after,
i asked work wolf about something and he responds:

“nah thats not it boo…”

























i’m “boo” now?
i didn’t get the memo.

i don’t know if nightly heard him.
i looked,
but she was zoned out in her own thoughts.
it did get real awkward for a brief second,
but it didn’t stop the good times from rollin’.
we ended up leaving the spot around 1030.
nightly went one direction,
while work wolf and i went the other.

“i’m taking you to the movies next week.”

“oh are you?”

just me and you.

we gonna smoke too.”

tumblr_m5v70iKuTZ1qaf90uo8_r1_250oh boy.

lowkey: i had a good time tonight tho.
i’m “funky mood” lite.

26 thoughts on “The “B” Word

  1. This man is going to molest you in all types of ways and I’m here for it bro! 😭

  2. Work Wolf is curious, he is very intrigued by you, and you are the only one that he has a real relationship with. Lets say that ya’ll do end up fucking around, more than likely work wolf will distance himself from you because of it. So if ya’ll do cross the line, just keep all possibilities open, and not get to caught up over it.

  3. I think you need to ask nightly what else has he said about you.Has he ever expressed he found you attractive or has ever expressed that he was curious about being with a man.As far as that comment about having sex with a man would be disgusting.Hell ,I said the same thing about giving a BJ before I tried it.😃

    If WW was disgusted about gay sex he wouldn’t be bringing up tight assholes and big meat.

  4. When some people get drinks in them the truth comes out. I thinks it time for you to finally figure out what you wanna do with him. Keep him as just a friend and do the flirting stuff back and forth and remain confused on youll situation or finally get laid by him. One thing Jay said was what work wolf told you months back that he would feel disgusted if he slept with a guy so idk. You already know the type of dude your dealing with so try not to let your emotions get the best of you this go around. By the way I saw an earlier post dated in early April of work wolf, I was like damn you guys have been talking for a minute now.

  5. Cute fabu-lite NYC TGIF after work coverage night…Rain can sometimes bring it…Stunty Cunty Meshundalla-Kundalla

  6. Idk what that nigga on. He crazy lol. One minute he worried about people thinking something is up between yall two but then he do shit in front people. Idk how nightly missing all that from yall basically cuddlin in the theatre to him sayin yo asshole tight and callin you boo. Idk. I wonder what she think. Anyway I mean at this point it should be no question. I just hope if it does happen he dont get on no fuck nigga shit. Remember you asked him if he would ever mess with a dude and he said he would be disgusted. Idk. I mean what str8 dude talk about anotha dude asshole and call him boo. If this is the edited version of yall interaction then I dont see why that nigga aint yours already.

    I know u say you dont know if you want it to stay like it is with work wolf. Thats you getting scared because you probably feelin that yall are getting closer to that point, that climatic event that changes everything. You have to be honest with yourself though. You really dont want things to stay the same because that ambiguous suspect shit is what has been driving you crazy. You want work wolf, you want to know him in the biblical sense, so if he make a move u know damn well u aint gon deny him lol. I say whenever next week yall go out at the very least yall should have a clear understanding of what it is, no more unknown.

      1. Maybe he made the comment on the size to see if he fit your standard or not either way he seems like he play too many games(unintentially) but ultimately if it ever gets to that point the choice is yours

  7. Well….hmmmm OK im speechless Dun-dun-dun I see work-wolf’s bi-curiosity is acting up again huh? Yeah it’s just a matter of time that nigga gone ask for some ass jamari how are you going to be to handle this situation once it arises? cause its one thing to play it out in your head but for it to really happen is another.

    1. ^i dunno kelly.
      a side of me doesn’t want it to go past “this”.

      …and then a side of me wants that pipe.
      my logical mind is saying keep it platonic,
      but keep it as “something he cant have”.

      1. You should’ve replied “tighter and better than any pussy he will ever have” bet you he would’ve tried to sample.

  8. Glad to see you’re getting out and enjoying yourself Jamari. ☺ Stay on your grind, but don’t over work yourself too much.

  9. Lol oh boy is right!

    Glad you had a fun time it seems like that was just what the doctor ordered to get you out out B mode.

    P.S. Do you know what movie you guys have in mind to see?

    1. ^DEFINITELY needs to be funny or light.
      i can’t do serious when i’m high.
      he said he is picking it so we sha’ll see.
      i hope its “hotel transylvania 2”


    1. ^i don’t even know what to think…

      …but i do know,
      he gets “bored” quickly.
      i don’t want to be in that category.

      lets say he gets down,
      maybe its suppose to just stay like this?
      maybe the chase for both of us is the exciting part?

      1. To be honest J. I think you’re right the chase is the most exciting part…dont want you hurt though.

        If he makes the move and you’re strong enough stop and ask him if he’s sure and if he won’t act up after…

      2. Just go with the flow. Don’t think about it too much. Just treat it like any friendship (even when you friend is fine as hell). Movies cool. Trip somewhere, cool. Hanging out and smoking cool. Need to barrow money, cool. Sex here and there, cool. Just keep it chill. Keep the energy high, keep being a friend, keep going about your life plans just the same.

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