The “B” Word

tumblr_mtkivgAsze1rd87cbo1_500i been in a funky mood as of late.
things been real “blah” in my world.
from this idiot temp i’m training,
my mouth issue,
which has finally started going down tremendously,
and just feeling aggravated as of late.
its been a busy week.
jamari fox has been in a real “b” word.
everyone has noticed.
i’m sure you have.
last night i came in after a long day and crashed.
i was extremely tired.
well work wolf hit me up and asked me if i wanted to chill tonight.

“where u at?”
“u ok?”
“jamari u okay?”

after 3 hours of deciding,
i replied that i was down to go out.
it was pouring,
and cold as fuck
but why not?…
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I Told Ya’ll Jason Collins Only Liked Vanilla Ice Cream

JasonCollinsGMA…with him being the chocolate on top.
*boom boom chinnnnnnnnng*
jason collins allegedly has a new boo.
it seems jason has found himself a “luv-ah”.
do you want to see this “luv-ah“?
well the “luv-ah” is underneath the break…

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