I Told Ya’ll Jason Collins Only Liked Vanilla Ice Cream

JasonCollinsGMA…with him being the chocolate on top.
*boom boom chinnnnnnnnng*
jason collins allegedly has a new boo.
it seems jason has found himself a “luv-ah”.
do you want to see this “luv-ah“?
well the “luv-ah” is underneath the break…

funny-gif-Obama-interrupted-talkingclearly we know who the fox is.
ya know what?

not even gonna hate.
he got himself a baller wolf and i’m sure an allowance.
no one should act surprised either.

x his last boo

judging from this picture,
looks like they get freaky deaky as well…

mascjanson_zps2886e7de“oh my goodness sir…
i thought i baked these buns correctly.
they should be warm and fresh by now.
take a bite and see…”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

52 thoughts on “I Told Ya’ll Jason Collins Only Liked Vanilla Ice Cream”

    1. Why is he a sell out? Does he owe you or any black person ANYTHING? Do YOU pay his bills? How exactly is he a sell out? His preference.. How do you know it’s a white-black thing, what if he likes THE PERSON. Simple blacks

      1. When you gonna give me then cakes nigga? Stop bullshittin and let me stick my tongue in that hole.

      2. DAMN! LMAO y’all wild….I want to join in and say something so bad, but I’m being a good boi lol.

      3. Nope say it. That nigga turns me on. All that mouth but he jus need this fat dick to calm him down.

      4. Nah. Me and him been through some shit in the past on here. However, if something does pop off can I watch?

  1. Ummm White people are not vanilla! Vanilla is actually brown. If you are a cook like me, you would know vanilla bean and vanilla extract is brown. You mean Jason only like milk. Remember White people are milk, salt, sugar and flour, and it funny how none of those are good for people, hmm. Black people are chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and cinnamon. Us Latinos are chocolate, café con leche, caramel, dulce de leche, spice, vanilla, and leche(milk). Asian people are sweet & sour. FYI milk chocolate is not really chocolate at all, it just milk and sugar hence why milk chocolate is not recommended.

    1. Anyway Jason looks like he is on the slow side if you get what I mean. And you and I know how black people are dealing with people who are slow. “Damn Jason you is DUMB! You don’t know how to clean your fucking ass?”

      1. I just realize something maybe that his caretaker who happen to gay. If you keep staring the pictures of them you will notice how he look like he taking of care of Jason like one those special needs kids. So all of you guys can calm down.

      2. Listen I don’t have a problem with people who date people of different colors , but white is not the only color nor being white is exotic. The thing is I meet people of color who are involve with white and 90 out of 10 talk shit about other people of color, like, how they are low-down trash and the beautiful N word with the hard er ending. Sometime I have to remind the to watch their mouth by saying “You call them a nigger, but you’re a nigger too. Remember your place with the white people because they will remind where you stand to them.” And like always in denial and guess what? I am always right because they would cried and be so sad that their white lover or their family called them a name. I am a Puerto Rican bastard when you say something very ignorant and act like you are a prince or something, I tell them “Maybe you should bleach your skin then and get plastic surgery.” Is that mean? Hell yea when you pissed me off.

      3. Lindo if that’s what he wants then that’s what he wants, I can’t knock him for that. He was with a white woman before he came out, so I’m not surprised. I’m not being offensive, but he’s not the typical “black man” anyway, and I’m not saying that because he talks proper and all that shit. He is white trapped in a black body, period. Look at his interviews. That is not my type. I do not know anyone’s type on here, but by the way you all talk, I can tell he wouldn’t be your type either lol.

  2. I knew it. It really doesn’t matter Jason is not really my type. He seems cool, but he strikes me as a cornball lol.

    1. I hear Jason is a power bottom:) jk How do we know thats his boo? Also most guys was calling him a nerd or dork? Be honest would you date him ? His fav singer is James Taylor,he and his twin are Trekkies.If that is his Bf I am happy that he is no longer in the closet and/or on DL.Then again Im a female so I never had a chance:).
      I still hope he gets signed to a NBA team.

  3. Typical…. It just kills me though str8 ballers want light brights or white and guess the same goes for the gays too

  4. I wish them all the happiness; it’s hard to find a good man! If anything Jason learned from Kerry which TYPE of guy NOT to date. Jason probably spoiling the hell out of that twink too!!!!!

    1. I agree I dont see a sexual or physical connection.Thats why I asked how do we know they are a couple? Are these pics from the guy’s IG?

  5. The Obama gif had me dying though. As for this subject I have nothing to say except, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  6. That is not Jason’s boyfriend that is Robbie Rogers the first openly gay player to play for a professional team in MLS soccer .They are not dating Robbie just said last week he is not dating anyone.He mentioned a few weeks ago that he would like to meet Jason since they are both Gay athletes.Robbie plays for LA Galaxy pics are from his IG.His IG followers are saying they should date.

    1. They could be FUCKING now!!!!!

      He cleverly wanted to meet him because “they are openly gay players”. That man wanted that black dick and I’m sure that white washed cookie gave it!!!!!!!

    2. Wait a minute. He is a pro soccer player? I thought he was some regular dude lol. I really had no idea. Maybe they are not dating then. They really might be two openly players just kickin it.

      1. Yeah Robbie is actually the First openly gay player to be Signed and to Play for a major professional team last month.It didnt make the headlines because nobody cares about professional soccer in America for the most part.

      2. Wrong. The only photo that is of Robbie Rogers is the one when Jason is in the Nike..the other is of his boo Janson.

    3. Actually, the one with the Nike shirt is Robbie Rogers. The rest are actually of Jason and his boo Jance.

  7. I’ve said this in replies, but slightly edit to remove that photo with Robbie Rogers (when Jason is in the Nike shirt), the others are his BF Janson Woodlee. Trust me, I know.

    1. Oh thats what I get for getting info from bossip . How long has he been with BF he told Oprah he was not in a relationship?Also there doesnt appear to be any sexual chemistry in photos.

      1. Well, the photos may appear without chemistry but they met in May and have been inseparable ever since. Who knows if it will last but they’ve been together about a month and a half. Spent the 4th together too.

    1. Just curious what info is included on a dating resume? I like to go on long walks along the beach OR I like long… Bye gotta go 🙂

      1. Damn baby good morning to you too. I just want to put it in that ass for a little bit. Don’t try to fight Daddy dick…

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