When King James Says Carry His Bags… You Do It.

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as you know,
i love how king james walks.
something about it just turns me on.
(i wonder if he likes being called king james during sex?)
lebron and his entourage went shopping in beverly hills this weekend.
i guess he needed stuff for his trip to manila ( x here ).
as a good entourage, they carried all his bags

i hope he got my ralph lauren boxer briefs i wanted.
as well as some dress shirts.
and some pants.
okay and some shoes too.
hell a goodie bag from:

x ralph lauren

…would do nicely actually.



lowkey: who is shorty carrying all the bags tho?
just asking.
don’t bite my head off.

9 thoughts on “When King James Says Carry His Bags… You Do It.

  1. Me too, I wanna know who’s that dude carrying all the bags… He looks like the type of dudes who will fuck a baller and keep his mouth shut, you know.. not like peanut and company….And I’m pretty sure that’s why he is in the “circle” lol.

    1. I know right! way to go Jamari! I can totally see myself visiting this website more often…It’s very professional and mature!

  2. LeBron is bad man. I don’t care what no one says. I would let him have the pipe.

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