George Zimmerman Helps Invisible Family Out Of Turned Over Invisible SUV


doing good deeds now are we?
george zimmerman is determined to get our love.
you know you want to cuddle with that overgrown sasquatch.
well cnn just broke a story about george zimmerman not killing someone this time.
nope he actually saved a family

 Four days after he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman stepped out of seclusion to help a family get out of an overturned vehicle in Florida, authorities said.

Zimmerman and another man helped four people get out of an SUV that had overturned Wednesday evening in Sanford — the same community where the former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 — Seminole County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Heather Smith said.

Authorities were called after the SUV went off the road and rolled over in the area of Interstate 4 and State Road 46. By the time a deputy arrived, Zimmerman and another man already had helped the two adults and two children out of the vehicle, Smith said.

Zimmerman did not witness the crash, and he left after making contact with the deputy, Smith said. No injuries were reported.

no pictures?
no videos?
just a statement of this random ass good deed?
george got himself a publicist i see.
all i got is…

bitch didn’t we tell yo ass stay in hiding?

14 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Helps Invisible Family Out Of Turned Over Invisible SUV

  1. Uhhh. PR gone bad. The story got swallowed up by the prince being born…look for another rescue next week

  2. I smell bullshit, the only way I will believe this is if it was a Twinkie truck that overturned, then I know that his fat ass would have at least save the Twinkies, he would have probably shot the driver for being on the road without permission but he would have saved the twinkies. His out of shape ass can barely get out of his own car, but he was able to magically rescue someone else. Not today fat boy, Im not buying it.

  3. It was possibility him who caused the accident so he can look good and I doubt he even help because hello he is overweight which means he would have a hard time getting on his knees, running, and getting stuck inside the car to pulled the people out.

      1. I’m just saying. It does look kind of suspicious that the killer would automatically find helpless people suck a flipped van in the same area where Zimmerman aka the gunner just happen to be around there. This was so stage either from a lie to try to make him look good or he did something to make the van flip and make himself like a hero. But I do know this he is a stupid asshole and like my momma used to say “Don’t trust them boys whose have them eyes close together.” Not really, but it would be cool if she did said it like that.

  4. In a world of camera phones, no one taped it and there was no witnesses? This just pissed me off!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s no way that ass was out in public. LMAO…@all the weight he gained since the incident. That ass was stressed the past year and a half.

      1. It’s all on the troopers dash cam sir! I am surprised you the voice of reason is stoking the fire.

    1. So he ignored the death threats on his life to rescue some family.He risked being injured or killed by a car that could have become engulfed in flames….George is a hero GMAFB.BTW @The Man I was wrong about Robbie Rogers two different guys in the pics with Jason ,one is his BF according to @Kb

      1. The stretch of I4 where it happened is a desolate no mans land on the way to Orlando. Hell no one down at the Citgo even knows who he is ….. Now if you were talking about Honey Boo Boo ….. lmao

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