Breezy Wolf Has A Big Fat Black Tattoo


breezy wolf is being a good boy.
i think.
you know his moods change like the weather.
he’s probably moody now.
he has a new tattoo he would like to show you.
it’s kinda… big.
you know we like em big

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 4.27.47 PM

it’s rather…
that’s the word.
why does his body art strike me as one big toys r us catalog?
i guess the redeeming quality is the:

364014270-3…in the front of his pants.

lowkey: breezy wolf also has a new song with nicki minaj:

is he saying:

“til we get it right, we gonna FUCK sum mo“?

that makes me feel something in my hind parts.
as soon as he gains some more weight tho.
i can’t fantasize about him looking like ( x this ).

lowkey #2: i did like this lyric:

dick on H.
pussy on W.
mouth on open.
ass on smother you.

photo credit: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Has A Big Fat Black Tattoo”

  1. I wonder if plans on putting some tats on his ass cheeks? That is the only place left on his body that has plain skin on it.

      1. I bet his dick taste even better! Hes been having sex ever since a teenager. His manager Tina Davis was his long time jump off and she was in her mid thirties. That woman probably trained him to lay it down.

  2. It’s cute. The things he does bug me at times, but I still like Chris. Skinny and all I’ll love on for a couple nights if he’d let me lol.

    S/N: I hope his album does well. I know he wasn’t proud of the last one.

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