Do You Want To FREEFALL With Me?

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well the fox is hooked.
earlier i was on tumblr and saw a gif pop up on my timeline.
i figured it was some new porn scene.
turns out it wasn’t a porn scene after all.
it was from a youtube series called, “freefall”.
written and directed by lamont pierre and geno brooks.
(hopefully i’m not missing anyone else)
i am probably late as hell watching this,
but i don’t give a damn.
i dunno if anyone has watched it yet,
but you know i had to share the love with the foxhole…

i feel all my foxes have experienced trents.
which is why i want more than just online hook ups from assholes.
when the wolf had his segment after they fucked,
i instantly said, “oh no he didn’t!!!!”.
okay continue…

i liked this a lot.
ironically it made me yearn for something.
the plot wasn’t “typical”.
there was no queens.
no voguishness.
no hair dressers or shopping buddies.
no extra.
it was a story.
one where gays were more than just “typical”.
i also loved how it was shot.
good work lamont & geno!
well done.
the rest of the season goes HARD BODY as you can see:

tumblr_mokpra6tIh1qg4uuho1_500 tumblr_mokpra6tIh1qg4uuho2_r1_500

x click here to continue watching season 1

lowkey: i like x.
id give x a try.
he goes left field in season 2 tho.
may need him to work on that.

x click here to check out lamont pierre’s website

9 thoughts on “Do You Want To FREEFALL With Me?

  1. That was really good. Pretty sure I will be checking out the rest of the episodes. N I love the new layout of the site. Keep it up.

  2. Love this show. Based in ATL too. Saw the nigga on the right in the last pic today at H&M. That ass is too phat

  3. Yea J you are late, lol, they changed up the characters in the actual series from the pilot a little and the story line as well, the creators also have another series called the Therapist that is also really good. Actually there are a good variety of shows on Youtube that are produced with shoestring budgets but are very good. No Shade and Street Behavior are also some more Youtube series, you should check out. Glad Youtube is catering to our community with some quality programs.

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