someday this pain will be useful to you (tripp ali gets on top again)

tripp ali acts really well.
at least,
i like to think so.
he reminds me of omari hardwick for whatever reason.
he is my acting wolf bae in my head.
so i was privileged to be sent a screener for his latest project,
“someday this pain will be useful to you”.
it was directed and shot by lamont pierre.
this is what the synopsis of the series is:

An angry outcast on the run after the murdering of his lover in a crime of passion spends his nights meandering from one small town to the next guarding his black heart and perpetrating his deadly sexual whims onto unsuspecting lovers.

and this is the trailer...

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Do You Want To FREEFALL With Me?

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.58.01 PM
well the fox is hooked.
earlier i was on tumblr and saw a gif pop up on my timeline.
i figured it was some new porn scene.
turns out it wasn’t a porn scene after all.
it was from a youtube series called, “freefall”.
written and directed by lamont pierre and geno brooks.
(hopefully i’m not missing anyone else)
i am probably late as hell watching this,
but i don’t give a damn.
i dunno if anyone has watched it yet,
but you know i had to share the love with the foxhole…

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