someday this pain will be useful to you (tripp ali gets on top again)

tripp ali acts really well.
at least,
i like to think so.
he reminds me of omari hardwick for whatever reason.
he is my acting wolf bae in my head.
so i was privileged to be sent a screener for his latest project,
“someday this pain will be useful to you”.
it was directed and shot by lamont pierre.
this is what the synopsis of the series is:

An angry outcast on the run after the murdering of his lover in a crime of passion spends his nights meandering from one small town to the next guarding his black heart and perpetrating his deadly sexual whims onto unsuspecting lovers.

and this is the trailer...

so in watching episode one,
because episode 2 didn’t start,
it started with zeke (tripp ali) meeting 2 males for hook ups.
one male has hiv and other should be a hashtag for the “#metoo” movement.
although the first episode was really sexual,
there is a developing plot line that i’m sure is explained later on.
it’s sort of what i expect from tripp.
he gives you some good sex scenes,
and a couple “huh?” (see: honest men),
but there is a story line buried within.

one thing i love about “the arthouse” productions is their cinematography.
it is always shot so beautifully.
my only critique is the sex scenes.
i thought one was shot very different than what i’m use to.
i’ve never seen a sex scene shot like that before.
the other ran really long.
it got to the point where…

even though i enjoy tripp sexually,
i was getting rather bored.
we get it.
he is fuckin’ your brains out.
the dialogue after that scene was pretty good tho.

other than that,
i’d definitely tune in to the other episodes.
like i fonted,
tripp knows how to carry a series as he commands every scene.
he isn’t shy about his bawdy either.
i enjoy that tremendously.
i’d love the foxhole to check it out and lemme know your thoughts.
you can watch “someday this pain will be useful to you”:

x the arthouse x lamont pierre

11 thoughts on “someday this pain will be useful to you (tripp ali gets on top again)

  1. I’m purchasing my subscription today..they look like they have a good amount of content that is LGBT related. This may what I’ve been looking for…hmmm

  2. Tripp is a pretty good actor AND he looks good for his age too. I’ll check it out and see. However if I pay for it and they are inconsistent, I will pull the plug.

    Honestly, I like nice looking naked black men and a good storyline. If they can blend the two then cool with me. Tripp is hot and he’s found his niche & everyone loves that he’s a sex symbol. He has a raw persona that I like. He really gives some good character on screen if given a capable script.

  3. This looks pretty interesting and i will check this out.

    Side note: I could be wrong but is it me or does t seem like Tripp is away playing a different version of the same character? At least sexually. Always an angst filled top. I’m glad his characters have at one point or another “sucked dick” lol. It would be nice to see him break away from the hard angry guy and see him play a “nice” not so angry man. Let’s see his character be a bottom or verse for a change. Tripp is a great actor but i want more from him than the same thing over and over. Just my 2 cents.

    1. If we want to see more art that represents us, we have to support it. You would pay for a Netflix subscription, so why not?

    2. ^did you want this to be free?
      how would they make a living?

      i hope you wouldn’t want your boss say “oh you actually want to get paid for coming here?”

  4. There is GOOD ACTING from everybody. THANK GOD. These productions can be so corny, fake and over acted .

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