kevin hart sends comfort to jussie smollett

it’s best to just stay out of certain things,
especially when you’ve allegedly been against what the issue was.
i mean…

People can change their past problematic views right?

it’s possible.
i mean,
the dragging kevin hart got last month should have helped.
it might have helped him with his recent tweets about jussie smollett.
this is what he had to font

if we are still holding a grudge against him for his past tweets,
this kinda seems like a contradiction.
it was way too soon on his part.
it seems like he jumped on the bandwagon to look like he’s “changed”.
he’s not who’d i expect to be compassionate to jussie smollett,
but i guess he’s trying?

Should we fault him for that?

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “kevin hart sends comfort to jussie smollett”

  1. kinda forcing the ‘love’ thing. that could just be me tho. if he wants to express his concern, let him. our focus is jussie, not him

  2. Idk How to feel honestly but Kevin said he’d hit his son over the head if he were gay & THATS A HATE CRIME KEVIN… the same thing you all of a sudden have compassion for!

      1. Can y’all at least provide us with names? LOL

        Love & Hip Hop is a huge franchise full of nobodies, we need names 🙂

  3. I cringed while reading EVERYTHING Kevin wrote…I mean who exactly does he have working PR? It didn’t dawn on them that this would just look…cheap? I mean what exactly is the plan here?? Are they gonna have him respond with platitudes EVERYTIME something hateful happens to the LGBT+? It reeks of desperation and pandering. I’m doubtful of his sincerity, or even if he has learned anything at all except the difference between what is said aloud vs what is said behind closed doors.

  4. This was not genuine at all, but more like damage control. I would have respected him more if he said he understood the reason we do not find the jokes funny, but I digress.

  5. I would have rather him not say anything at all..especially since he chose not be an “ally” for the community…whatever that means.

  6. for those people who talking about Kevin Hart have freedom of speech and that he do have to say sorry for what he said. this what happen when people agree with the shit that come out of Kevin Hart mouth. Some people look to Kevin Hart to make it alright to go out and attack gay men and women. Now Kevin hart wants to tweet how he feel about the situation now. Fuck Him.
    you did not care then and you do not care now.

  7. Im no kH fan but y’all would be going after him had he not made a comment on the situation. His comment was positive regardless his intention, which non of us know.

  8. Y’all kinda doin too much in my opinion, Y’all take tweets like it was written law! 1. If you REALLY believe Kevin would hit his son over the head (with a doll house 🙄) for being gay, your gullible; he was talkin shit (like most niggas do) on Twitter in 09-11 AND 2. If you are still the same as you were in 09-11 your childish and lack growth, there’s mad shit I felt and said bck then that we’re trash as fuck, I’m jus lucky I didn’t tweet it, I’m sure a man that meets as many people, and has had as much life experience as he has PROBABLY has had a change in mind frame, who is anyone to tell him he hasn’t

    1. Kevin Hart is a public figure. what we see of him is for the public. what he does behind close doors is another.
      I do not care how long a tweet was tweeted, your words have a way to come back and bite you in the ass.

  9. @Endless I think they are referring to Milan Christopher who is basically saying the attack on Jussie is made up.

  10. I’m on the same boat as others with think some one just wants attention. Also, it’s annoying how these folks extend to people that are famous.what about the other folks who are being killed and murdered. No shade to Jussie or anything…Just saying. Whenever I hear folks say they are sorry…then ask them what are you doing to help the situation? Everytime something bad happens folks give their support but usually through a tweet since that is sufficient enough to maintain their relevancy.

  11. I really don’t understand this damned if you do, damned if you don’t attitude people seem to have adopted. I’m looking at social media and people want to be upset that more heterosexual black men aren’t coming to the defense of Jessie and then when they do, we want to tear them to shreds because they’re imperfect people.
    If we’re going to be honest Kevin Hart was right in the sense that nobody wants to have a homosexual child maybe its because you feel it brings shame to the family , maybe you don’t want them to feel the pain and harshness that comes with be gay in the world; either way lets start getting real. The issue that I had with the whole Kevin Hart situation is that he took every position possible on the issue of his 10 year old comments and that made him look weak; for me he could have taken any position on the issue of his comments and I would’ve been cool as long as he stuck with it and accepted whatever the consequences were that came with the position he took.

    1. Thank you and I stated that I don’t want a gay son over and over and I am gay! I don’t want him to go through what I went through! Kids are cruel and it is unfortunate because I don’t want that type of cruelty to happen to him! I might not have said it like that in that matter but Kevin was not wrong in my eyes being a gay male!

  12. Huh? It’s only shameful because THEY are the ones that make it so. Then they have the audacity to say, “I don’t want my child to be gay.” Um, they the reason why it’s like this in the first place. Kids don’t come out homophobots, racist and sexist pigs. Their parents mold them that way as products of the environment. To either be disgusted with or have fear in something that is “different.”

    What he should have said was that regardless of what his son is, he’s going to love him, take care of him and let him know that whomever he chooses to be with, it is fine so long as it makes them happy.

    It’s all about your wording. Sometimes what you say can be stuck with you for a long time when you leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth.

    It’s only a harsh world because the holier than thou straights construct it that way…and as you can see…their building is still on fire.

    LGBT people are tired, moreso black LGBT men are tired of being considered weak, flamboyant & called unnatural and/or being the sexual BBC fetishe of other races.

    Kevin is a fool for saying what he said and him getting that clap back and called out for it was justified. He wants to talk about gays and his son not being gay, but I guess it’s alright for husbands to cheat on their wives when they are bored too??? What a message to send to kids. 😑 People need to think before they speak publicly. Even a fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut.

    Did he learn his lesson? Maybe.
    Is he sincere about Jussie? Maybe
    It’s over and done apology and best wishes are nice but they don’t fix broken bones…
    Is he doing anything to prevent this from happening to someone else? No.
    Are any of these sorry straight people doing anything else besides “feeling sorry”? Are they organizing a plan to prevent homophobia and put a stop to this? Are they educating youth now and letting them know..this is not what you do?

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