ready to send in your confessions, foxhole?

it’s done.
the foxhole was very excited about this.
i’ll admit,
i’m very excited about it.
either way…


we will do a test run for a month.
see how it goes.
you can send all confessions to:

if you choose,
cause i know some hit me up on these outlets,
you can also send me a dm on my personal twitter or instagram.

twitter and ig: @itsjamarifox

you can send in whatever your heart desires.
dl stories,
make sure it’s 280 words to fit in a tweet.
let’s get to the rules:


i will not post your screen name or email in any form.
there will be no outing of any kind.
if you want to confess messing with public figures,
that’s fine,
but i will not name the person(s).
they will be coded like “r&b singing wolf/fox/hybrid” or “nfl baller wolf”.
same thing like on the foxhole.
i will update as much as i can throughout the day.
other than that:


who wants to be the first in taking the virginity of the confessional?

lowkey: i want this to go viral.
let’s take it there.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “ready to send in your confessions, foxhole?”

  1. 280 characters? I thought it was the limit of 1 text, 160 or something. Haven’t been on Twitter in years.

    Have you heard of the Whisper app? I tried to sign up for my school’s version to get the campus grapevine, but no matter the phone I try, it says I have to be on campus to try it when I am. Their GPS must be messed up.

    My school has an anonymous Discord to shout out your crush.

    Trust I’ll be reading.

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