the secret gay language i must have missed

someone can relate with this.
if not,
thanks for reading.

some folks might think some of us are crazy.
they can’t fathom that it’s hard for us to:

get into a relationship
feel like we’re attractive
be our most confident

we check all boxes of “having it together” on the outside,
but if only folks knew that we suffer in silence. .
one of my favs on twitter fonted the other day...

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George Zimmerman Helps Invisible Family Out Of Turned Over Invisible SUV


doing good deeds now are we?
george zimmerman is determined to get our love.
you know you want to cuddle with that overgrown sasquatch.
well cnn just broke a story about george zimmerman not killing someone this time.
nope he actually saved a family

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Memoirs of an Invisible Star Fox


i’m so proud of star fox today.
he has come such a long way.
when we first met,
i saw something within him.
it was like he glowed.
he latched onto me really quickly.
i remember when we use to talk about what he wanted in his life.
it always seemed like he was always going through something.
if he was to write a book,
i know it would be a best seller.
star fox is currently working behind the scenes of a video shoot….

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