When King James Says Carry His Bags… You Do It.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.39.57 PM

as you know,
i love how king james walks.
something about it just turns me on.
(i wonder if he likes being called king james during sex?)
lebron and his entourage went shopping in beverly hills this weekend.
i guess he needed stuff for his trip to manila ( x here ).
as a good entourage, they carried all his bags

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You Usually Make Me Wet… But Not Today.

rain_cloudi havent done one of “these” in a long time.
okay so today it was pouring.
hence the rain cloud above.
i was making pork chops for dinner,
but i ran out of thyme.
my favorite of the seasonings.
i didn’t want to dress up too crazy to go to the sto’.
i went into my closet and found something i only wore once.
i was at work 2 years ago and i didn’t want to get my work shoes soaked.
i have experienced that a couple times before.
i ran on my lunch break and copped…

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