The Queen from the 80s is (Still) Unbreakable

janet-jackson-unbreakable-album-coveri’m listening to “unbreakable” from janet now.

it wasn’t what i was expecting,
but janet is married now so i should know better.
i can’t understand a word she is saying,
but i always loved janet’s music.
the beats are good and i like the vibe.
its letting me know where janet is right now in her life.
and aware.
there is no raunchy sex talk on the album.
1031i know.
i know.
its a very relaxed album.
well its going to #1 next week selling 90k – 105k.
 #1 on itunes,
#2 around the world,
and her current tour is getting great reviews.
queen janet reigns again?
7 number one albums in every decade?

seems so.

“I live through my mistakes
It’s just a part of growing
And never for a single moment
Did I ever go without your love
You made me feel wanted
I wanna tell you how important
You are to me, love” – unbreakable

x find out the meaning to lyrics on the new album


lowkey: thanks to my good tunes foxholer who sent the album.
always appreciative.

i’ll listen to tamar next.
she is set to debut around 50k.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “The Queen from the 80s is (Still) Unbreakable”

  1. Good for her. I always like to reflect on “where I was” at certain ages, or at certain junctures in my life and how at that time it seemed like it wouldn’t end. You know what I mean? I’m sure she must ruminate like that. Everyone does. But in the public eye, fans take notice. As a woman who has admittedly suffered from depression, it’s good that she’s in a better place. Haven’t heard the album, but I’m sure I’ll have to smoke to get past the fact that she sounds like whispering MJ. Creepy.

  2. The album is definitely different from the last few, but still enjoyable. I went to her concert this past week and she was incredible.

  3. I went to her concert as well and she was AWESOME! This time, I think she’s more in tune and comfortable with herself. I’m definitely going to check out her album.

  4. It’s a good album. I enjoyed a lot more tracks than I thought I would.
    Not really feeling Tamar’s album as much though.

  5. I listened to it while I was driving last night and it was a little too relaxed for me, I’m gonna try to let it grow on me.

  6. Bought this album today and it is awesome. DAAAMN Baby is my favorite. Upon first listen I was verrry impressed.

  7. This cd was self assured and reflective Miss Jackson, but un-nasty. “Dammn Baby” and “Night” gotta be singles after “BURNITUP” Her marriage has definitely changed her approach to music. She’s gone from the dirty mouth Damita Jo to the wounded sister, nurturing wife and it actually reveals another layer of her musically. Her best since Velvet Rope

  8. I absolutely love this album. I’m a huge Janet fan and I’m glad she took a different route and didn’t chase trends or talk about sex the entire album. Her best albums are ones where she has something to say and this one falls into that category. I definitely agree that it’s her best album since The Velvet Rope.

  9. Janet is truly a legend and at 49 is still killing the choreography that she did in her 20s and 30s. When you can stay an A list performer this long it says alot.

  10. Does anyone else remember when the “If” video first came out? I was obsessed, never got the moves down though lol.

    People forget how big Janet was, im not even one of those people who cares about pop stars or gets into that fan culture mess but if I had to pick Janet is my girl. She made some of the most diverse pop music back in the day and i’m glad she is still around.

  11. @Jamari: Thanks for posting about this. LOVE this album: grown, sexy, throwback, eclectic music. Easily Janet’s best since Velvet Rope. And on her terms, which makes it even better. Saw the Unbreakable show twice (Memphis, Nashville) and hats off to Janet and the whole team.

    I’m also a Tamar fan and so happy that these two capped a new music Friday. That being said, while I like everything that was released from Tamar’s album, the album itself left me a little underwhelmed. @mikey kun talked about Janet’s album being relaxed – Tamar’s album damn near put me to sleep at first listen LOL. I’ve done my obligatory several listens to Janet so Tamar is next. I’m hoping I can find some gems other than the singles (and she should have included Let Me Know).

    1. ^love the comment jd.
      been listening to janet all morning.

      i completely agree with your opinion on tamar.
      i found myself very bored.
      maybe it’s a sex album,
      but then im sure it’s a boring sex album.
      her debut was much better.

      is it me,
      or does she sound too much like toni braxton?

  12. I have been a fan since as long as I can remember and while I don’t like everything that Jan has released (Discipline was trash), I really really enjoy this album. Damn Baby is fire and Broken Hearts Heal made me shed some tears; it’s quite obvious that she really misses MJ. It’s a very mellow feel good album and tbh Black Eagle made me think of you Jamari. That song along with Shoulda Known Better should be heard by the masses because it takes empowerment to a whole new level. All in all as a fan I’m very pleased.

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