I Don’t Feel Like Giving Head Tonight

Foxes, check this scenario!

You go over a Wolf’s crib on late night.
You are both laughing and talking.
Things are looking like a +.
He pulls you close and you already knows what that means.
You are ready for some of that great cheek poking.
He whispers in your ear:

“Just give me some head.”

…and that is it.
Nothing else.
Just head.
He is what you would call “The Head Wolf” and he is only interested in you giving him dome.
He is usually fine as hell and only about your mouth meeting his dick for a passionate rendezvous.
But, is it wrong when you want more than to be some Wolf’s head-line act? 

Have you ever dealt with the Head Wolf?

I have met a few Head Wolves in my time.
They never want to kiss or poke you.
Dry humping to them seems to intimate for their liking.
They only want you to give them head.
They consider themselves to be “straight” and think receiving head from a Fox, Jackal, or Hyena does not make him gay.
I beg to differ, but hey, whatever.

You usually meet Head Wolves online.
But lately, they started to spawn in real life settings.
A great sign is if they only make comments about:

Getting head
Head being their favorite thing on the menu
How good your mouth would look giving head.

I remember meeting this fine Wolf online a couple years ago and he was perfect.
He had a nice body, a proportionate face, and I was already ready to feel on top of me.
He had nice lips that I was waiting to have eat me out.
But, HE only wanted me to come over late nights and give him head.
HE said something about his girlfriend doesn’t do it right and he knows with my mouth, I could satisfy him.
Needless to say, he got declined and I went home.

Is it wrong that to want more of a 50/50 sexual relationship?
Giving head is great, but it is something that is very personal to me.
Sex is just as personal, but it isn’t to the same degree as some great sloppy.
Ain’t nothing appealing about your lips tore up by some Herpes blisters.
Sadly nowadays, giving head on a first date is like how kissing was back in the day.
All this kids are doing it. 

I started to think about the Head Wolf and him only being in charge of getting head.
Is he just being selfish?
Is it just his only desire to receive some great no holds barred head?
Do you practice your giving head on such an eager participant?
Or, do you just ignore this type and leave him for the “Dik Sukka” of the world?
I would hate to be known as the Fox you only call when you want your dick sucked.
Maybe, I am just looking for more intimacy.
Shit, maybe I am a bougie prude.
Either way, you will be giving me something in exchange for skeeting in my face!

But, can the Head Wolf be turned out into more?
Start with a little head and slowly but surely, his little head is inside you.
I started to wonder…

Can you make the Head Wolf head over heels for you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel Like Giving Head Tonight”

  1. If he’s talkin relationships and comittment but sexually he only wants head… You can sign me up!! Lol I enjoy giving it. It’s fun. My head game is ON POINT!! I dont necessarily need my walls banged out to feel satisfied sexually. As long as we can at least be intimate. I don’t understand wolves who don’t like to kiss.. That’s the best part of the experience next to you laying on top of me. I can’t say I’ve met too many ‘Head Wolf’ types before. Maybe I don’t attract those?

    If he has a gf and just wants some head on the side then that’s a no go.

    1. Do bottoms these days climax at all? Someone once told me never to trust a bottom that doesn’t but because as soon as they’re done with you they’ll be calling the next dick to come over. I’ll be damned if I bottom and dude doesn’t get a shot on his chest…or his chin if its been a long time. Lol!

    2. Oh and fuck some sloppy top. I wanna see that ass do some tricks on the dick…while I secretly record you from the back. Lol

    3. ^but those Wolves don’t want to be “intimate” like that.
      They just want some head… and that is it.
      Once he skeets in your face, you are pretty much over.
      Do you think these Wolves sucked off by Aarliya (no offense!) want more than head?

      1. Aarliya is a tough comparison, hell I doubt Aarliya wants a relationship. He just wants (and receives) tons of dick.

        That’s the thing, if you want a relationship seek that, but if you just want a nut, get a nut.

        What’s the problem outside of blurring the two lines. Suck dick, fuck ass cause you like it, not because you trying to land a wolf, or trap a fox.

  2. I have met a head wolf and I actually was successful at like getting him to commit. He had a gf and stuff but he told me he wanted to be able to know that I could handle that first before he took it further. For him it was about trusting and getting a nutt off but I mean eventually you get to know them and they begin to open up and before you know it your being asked to chill for something other than giving head and then meeting the fam, and then to spend the night.

    Like in the world of the DL or Straight Wolf there are so many precautions that have to be taken by them its bananaz, but I like to believe that if I begin to think like one i can understand them better and not be soo frustrated by their backwardness.

  3. Personally, I feel if a wolf tells you all he wants is head from you, he has absolutely NO plans on keeping you around or investing in you.
    I remember I was having a conversation with my ex about his sexual past because we were in the process of rekindling (and fucking, naturally). I asked him what he had been doing and if he had, had sex. His response? “Just some head. I don’t want my dick anywhere in them. They can top me off though.”

    So. I feel like head is for jump offs. I used to have a guy I used to call just for purposes of sucking my dick.
    And god forbid he ever asked for a kiss. I’d promptly stuff my dick back in my jeans and walk out.

  4. JAY :
    Do bottoms these days climax at all? Someone once told me never to trust a bottom that doesn’t but because as soon as they’re done with you they’ll be calling the next dick to come over. I’ll be damned if I bottom and dude doesn’t get a shot on his chest…or his chin if its been a long time. Lol!

    Personally, if I’m being foxy, I’m going to nut.
    The problem is, it takes more work after a certain period because the level of arousal isn’t necessarily the same.

  5. I know you directed this post to Foxes, but one of the sentences in the post — “They consider themselves to be “straight” and think receiving head from a Fox, Jackal, or Hyena does not make him gay.” — brought back memories. This brother was giving me head years ago and looked up at me and asked, “Are you gay?” I said, “I’m a dude. We’re having sex. My dick is inside your mouth. Yes, I’m gay.” I know some may take issue with my position, but I feel, if two guys are having sex with each other, they’re having gay sex, despite what they may label themselves. Most of the guys who pack the gay clubs do not admit to being gay at work or to their families.

  6. Some selfish bastard who only wants head from you, on his terms only, is not worth you time–especially if getting your back cracked/blown out is a requirement to keep you satisfied.

    A dude who is not into anal sex at all is totally different. Some men are not into active or passive anal sex. Figure out the reasons behind his bobble head request and then take it from there.

    On the flip side, men who don’t want head–ever–confuse the shit out of me.

    Dicks need to be sucked: Acknowledged and polished.

    I say never trust a dude who doesn’t like getting head, ever.

    Also what’s with this bullshit about not kissing a dude, but letting him suck a dick?
    Head is just as personal as kissing. If I can’t give or receive either, the shit ain’t happening.

    I need sensation and feeling with my sex.

    If I wanted sensation without feeling I’d watch porn.

    1. ^I agree.
      I like to be kissed and want the feeling of passion with anything I do.
      If there is none then no sale.
      Plenty of Foxes, Jackals, and Hyenas who like that kind of thing.

  7. I’m a bottom and I actually prefer giving head/getting ate. Only been penetrated twice and it hurt like hell.

      1. Just didn’t like it. The first wolf was my first boyfriend. He wasn’t small at all. 10 1/2 thick. Second dude is my friend. He has 7, not thick at all. Both hurt. There was some pleasure with the first wolf but not enough for me to want to keep doing it.

  8. I understand where Ant is coming from, I use and sometimes feel that way. But I realized that like my ex said its in how often you do it and how the prep you.. Like if they lick your foxhole and get it really really really wet its going be easier to handle. Just a piece of advise, but I need this mineral oil that you were talking about Jamari.

  9. The way I see it is, if a person is good enough to give me head, then they’re good enough for sex too.

  10. JAY :
    True, but have you ever had a top give you head while they’re stroking you missionary?
    Oh yeah, that did it. Lol!

    I have, actually and the shit was AMAZING.

  11. If I only want head, it’s cuz it’s just about sex. Some people can give great head, but I have no desire to f*ck em.

    Head > topping > kissing > rimming > me giving YOU head (increasing levels of initmacy for me)

  12. I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, but I have a mate that has been sucking off a friend of his for over 20 years!!! And it’s only ever been a one way street, on average once a week.

    Apparently the Wolf has given my mate a suck once or twice, during that 20 + years, but never to climax and it always ends with my mate sucking him off. He’s a married guy, and my mate is pretty sure that his lips are the only ones sucking this guy off. They both seem happy with the arrangement.

    So I say, as long as it makes you happy, continue. I also think that once you enter into this type of relationship for lack of a better word, then it’s often impossible to change it into something else. My friend is happy clearing that guys pipes, and the guy is happy getting his pipes cleared.

    1. Fox – bottom, Wolf – top, Hybrid – versatile; hyena/jackal – messy queens that you wanna stay away from (could be wolf, fox, doesn’t matter)

    2. Wolf= Top, the dominant one in a sexual or romantic relationship.
      Fox= Bottom, the submissive one in a sexual or romantic relationship.
      Hybrid= Versatile, can play the role of the wolf or the fox depending on their partner.
      Jackal= a person in this lifestyle who is sloppy, careless, sneaky and is always trying to out other people.

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