Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Will Now Be Giving You Eargasms

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.18.38 PMwell daniel “boobie” gibson isn’t a baller wolf anymore.
why you ask?
he is about to be the latest rapper on the scene.
why yes.
yes you that read right.
keyshia cole’s x husband is now rapping.
he now goes by “gib”.
he debuted his latest verse on nicki minaj “only” and well…
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Bow Wow Never Tried Anal Because Gay People Do It

why has bow wow become so annoying now?

i really thought since he got his job at 106,
he would calm the fuck down.
every week it’s some new shit with him.
child support.
the other week was supahead filming him as he got dressed from supposedly getting some pussy.
now he is talking about how he lost his virginity on sway’s morning radio show.

of course, she denied it…

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i decided to have a fancy get together in the pleasure hole tonight.
very strict dressed code.
no sneakers, jeans, or t shirts.
i invited all the finest foxes, hybrids, and wolves in the concrete forest.
ones who know how to dress.
i couldn’t decided between light or dark meat as my date tonight…

so why not both?

but why don’t you go to the bathroom….

i think someone you may like is getting ready to come out…

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Oh Daddy! You Just Skeeted Maggots All Over My Face. Yum.

I want to caution you…

The following video literally made me scream like a bitch.
I don’t care who knows at this point.
I’m warning you.
If you do not like nasty shit and may scream like a bitch,
go down to the next post….

If this video does not keep you from wearing a condom or ABSTAIN,
I don’t know what will.

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He Is Trying To Slip Deep Inside Me… But I Will Not Let Him.

So something weird happened to me…

I usually go through little things, but this is just strange.
So you know that Hybrid I wrote about in this entry?
Well, I think something has come over me…
…and I do not need the word “come” and “me” in the same sentence as “him“…

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I Don’t Feel Like Giving Head Tonight

Foxes, check this scenario!

You go over a Wolf’s crib on late night.
You are both laughing and talking.
Things are looking like a +.
He pulls you close and you already knows what that means.
You are ready for some of that great cheek poking.
He whispers in your ear:

“Just give me some head.”

…and that is it.
Nothing else.
Just head.
He is what you would call “The Head Wolf” and he is only interested in you giving him dome.
He is usually fine as hell and only about your mouth meeting his dick for a passionate rendezvous.
But, is it wrong when you want more than to be some Wolf’s head-line act? 

Have you ever dealt with the Head Wolf?

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