He Is Trying To Slip Deep Inside Me… But I Will Not Let Him.

So something weird happened to me…

I usually go through little things, but this is just strange.
So you know that Hybrid I wrote about in this entry?
Well, I think something has come over me…
…and I do not need the word “come” and “me” in the same sentence as “him“…

I met with him to discuss a couple more things Friday.
I looked at him through different eyes this time and I saw he was actually really attractive.
He has a beautiful smile and very nice eyes.
His body isn’t MEAT, but I’m sure it could pack a punch.
I started to think about his story and I felt sorry for him low key.
Then that night, I had the most intense sex dream about him EVER.

I have been thinking about him hardcore today.

This cannot happen… EVER.
I do not sleep down; I sleep UP.
He does not have cash that is even in “SPONSOR” categories.
So, realistically, it will be nothing but a sympathetic sexual situation….


Unless you are a Baller Wolf,
my Fox-tail is “Reservation With Possible Review Only” in this industry.

21 thoughts on “He Is Trying To Slip Deep Inside Me… But I Will Not Let Him.

  1. Hi Jamari I love your site just wanted to let you know that first. I think you are starting to like this guy and think about this guy because you are starting to know more about his personal life and who he really is as a person. When you learn about what a person has been through it always brings you closer to them and you start to understand why they are the type of person they are and your eyes open up to a whole new outlook on that person and you start to notice things that you probably never would have noticed if it wasn’t for you knowing about their struggle

    1. ^exactly Young Fox!
      thank you for the comment.
      i’ve been where he has and i sympathize with him.
      so much so, i was fantasizing serving him a serious foxtail.

  2. I follow Random to the point where the “one” for you may very well be the struggling artist, public servant or bartender (you get where I’m going)…perhaps this is showing you J that the Baller Wolf you are seeking is within these individuals and together you will grow to become exactly what it is that you want out of a partner.

    Now, I’m not saying sleep with Hybrid because I am against the whole mixing business with pleasure thing…but you must be open to new avenues in getting what you want out of this life. Nothing ever comes the way we ask for, and if it does, it’s just smoke and mirrors!

  3. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^random makes good points,
    but he won’t get the fox tail.
    fine line between business and pleasure.

    Point taken.
    But why does that even have to be the basis in taking it a step further with him?
    No one said you had to fuck him. Especially not now.
    What’s the problem with taking some time to get to know him beyond the industry.

    If there’s anyone that understands not mixing business with pleasure, it’s me. But to completely shut yourself off to even the possibility that he might be the one for you is—a bit strange to me. Especially considering your quest for real love.

    1. ^he is definitely more fox than wolf.
      Me and him are cool right now.
      He is a sweetheart tho.
      Great heart and been through a lot.
      I personally don’t think he is looking for anything serious than his career and some sex, to be perfectly honest.

      1. What do you mean when you say he’s more fox than he is wolf? How do you know that?

  4. Well Jamari ill go ahead and take Devin, and the pack since youve found the “one”. Lmao

  5. Jamari, you know damn well you wanna give ol dude the cakes. You have been thinking about him all day long for a reason.

    1. I think it’s more like a perfect storm of frustration. Jamari hasn’t gotten any in a while, and everyone he meets in the industry (as he’s working his way up) has an ulterior motive – or just not genuine. Now he meets a person who he thought was another phony, but is actually a nice guy & it get J to re-evaluate some things. So that sympathetic feeling combined w/extreme horniness = mercy fvck/sex dream.

      Not to say that what Random said doesn’t have merit – i.e. don’t become a star-fvcker or shallow like so many industry heads, but iont know if this guy is the right one to break your celibacy over.

      1. True enough. Maybe he isn’t the one, but how will he know if he completely shuts himself off to even the possibility?

  6. …ever look at this as a sign?
    Check it.
    Maybe your “one”, the one you’re supposed to fall madly in love with, the one who’s going to love you the most—the best, maybe he isn’t a baller wolf.
    Maybe he’s not supposed to have the most cash.
    Or the finest crib.
    Or the best body.

    Maybe “the one” is a hybrid.
    Wanting to be loved just as much, if not more, than you.

    Marinate on that for a minute.

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