When We Role Play… (32)


You been with your man for 2 years.
Things are going well and you have no complaints.
He has a good job, has been loyal thus far, and is someone you can see spending a life with.

This is your friend.
You met him last year and ya’ll have become real close.
He has been there for you and has helped you when you most needed it.
He has been at your house, chilled with you and your man, and things have been cool.
You trust him.

Well on the night that you and your man celebrate your two year anniversary,
your friend calls you crying and has something serious to tell you…

2 years ago,
3 months after you and your man made it official,
he met your man off a chat site and they went on a couple dates.
He slept with him on the first night and a couple times after that.
He did not meet you yet, BUT your man told him at the time he was single.
Your man stopped calling and communicating with him 2 months later…

He did not know he would meet you a year later and ya’ll would become cool.
He also did not know you were also with him and how to tell you.
Your man told him a year ago not to tell you because it was in the past and didn’t matter.
Your man was also the Wolf in the situation.

Yeah so…


10 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (32)

  1. Watch the friend! Sounds like a shit starter. Everything is going good between you and your man and he decides to reveal this information as you celebrate 2 wonderful years together. Seems like he’s not really a friend if he didn’t reveal this information beforehand. Why tell it now?? I see a sneaky, manipulative, jealous, sit back in the cut so called friend who wants to see you both break up so that he can step into the picture with your man not realizing that your man wouldn’t have any respect for him after pulling that stunt.

  2. I would definitely have more respect for my friend for coming forward and acknowledging that there was a level of intimacy with my man. My man would then have to explain why he never told me about what happened between the two of them, and if he is still hitting it, because he’s not running up in me.

    YBW brought up a good point about his need/desire to top. If this was the case, I can kind of see why he probably would not have wanted me to know. But I don’t approve of him doing this behind my back.

  3. Unless my man is currently fucking you what would be the point in telling me now that you got gutted one time a year ago? What kinda fuckery is this, that you call yourself my friend, cheesing in my face, knowing you fucked my man. Has Kimbella not taught you a thing. Why tell unless you want to get fucked up, you a masochist?
    You’s a stupid hoe, who fucks on the first night off a chat line? Did he feed you first, bitch? Imma need you to stay the fuck off my phone, eating up my anytime minutes, with this bullshit.


    But seriously I’d be hurt and would entertain revenge sex with my man’s best friend–but ultimately leaving both of them trifling bastards alone. Why follow his directions for an entire year? I don’t use the title friend lightly. Friends don’t fuck my man, if you gave it up on the first night, I know damn well he hit that ass again. So that means all yall scallywags gots to go.

  4. Ouch yikes, yeah our trust would be severely damaged, two years is a lot of time, and If I feel the relationship is worth it would depend on some factors but idk, I would just have to try my best not be vindictive, because I’m very vengeful when I’m hurt esp. because I have the mindset of once your mine, than you belong to me only, I mean i’m gonna be forgiving in general, but I’m just gonna have to get revenge and make you submit, and maybe cry a little then we’re quarter of even………….oh and what I mean by revenge is not sleeping around that’s unclean and unloyal and the relationship will end…………the best form of punishment to me is the silent treatment and being ignored, and once i feel that your worthy enough for my attention again then you’ll get a comment…….but it all depends

  5. I would prob talk to my dude and ask him why didn’t he tell me from jump. I wouldn’t get super mad just a lil heated cause of the situation. I’m not gona fight him or beat his ass cause this is a 2 year relationship so somthing must be there. And my friend I would check a lil harder cause thats my boy my round he should tell me atleast but I wouldent end the friendship either. I’m seein a talk a few tears a bottle of E&J and some sweet sweet Gaunja and all will be forgiving… This time

  6. Well, dayum…

    My man & I would need to have a serious conversation; because this is a serious violation of trust. We’ve made it official & you lied…to this dude & to me. Seeing as he’s a hybrid, I’m glad he was the wolf, but I’m sure we would have had the conversation about his need to top & bringing someone else into the mix. I probably would be cool – if he lets me know; not sneaking around behind my back. And he was willing to keep this secret forever…not good.

    My friend, I can forgive him – he didn’t know, and it took some guts to finally tell me. I appreciate that. Shoot, if ol boy doesn’t watch out, he may get replaced…especially since I already know my friend is a fox — and pretty cute. lol

  7. We’d definitely be having a conversation and I’d have to take some time to think about it. Three months into the relationship, to me, is a significant amount of time to fully understand that you are committed to someone else. It’s not a fly-by-night relationship. The shit is official.
    So my man was fully aware of the fact he and I were together.
    It’d make me wonder what else he’s done and who else he’s had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with.

  8. Wow this is a hot ass mess of a situation let me break this down. I would be a little mad at my friend for not telling me. Mainly my boyfriend would be the one I would focus all my anger on because he is the liar and the cheater. It doesn’t even matter that our relationship was new and fresh and had just been made official when he started messin around with my friend. The point is we were still in a relationship and his ass was dead wrong and for him to tell my friend not to tell me and that it was in the past and it doesn’t matter. Yes the hell it does matter because in this situation the past still remains relevant because you are still my man and that person is now a good friend of mine. Now I have to figure out whether i still want my man or not I know its been 2 years but I would feel like are whole relationship was a lie because it would seem like to me he was trying to ease his own guilt the whole time we were together

  9. Honestly, I cant say. I would probably discuss it over with my dude and play it cool. It was in the past when we were just starting out but look how long we’ve (assuming) been on the straight and narrow. However, I will always note to myself never to trust my friend around him or vice versa…and then pull a Vanessa Bryant later on. lol

    If YngBlkWolf ever think about it I will tie him up tho. esp if we get married. hehehe.

  10. This is interesting Jamari. My dude’s cute, so I would give him a free pass. I’ll forget all about it.

    Sike lol, I would moet def. confront my dude about this. I would want to know why he didn’t tell me sooner. We’re in a relationship, he’s supposed to be honest with me. I wouldn’t break up with him because if we have been together for two years he must be a really good dude, and I must have my feelings involved. I would watch him closely from then on though.

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