the hate (crime) he gave

hate has become the new norm.
we knew it existed,
but everything has been so enhanced as of late.
you already know why
so i saw a story this week that really bothered me.
from hoods to cul de sacs,
we don’t get to pick those in our neighbors.
there was a story of a gay male in boston who was assaulted by someone in his hood.
for those who didn’t know about it,
this is the story via “the daily mail“…

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Playing With Balls In Boston?

artest_mainso my vixen friend is at a business seminar in boston this weekend.
she is staying at the ritz carlton and was in for a happy surprise in the lobby.
she came out the elevator to a ton of tall black wolves.
just so happens that the ny knicks happen to be staying at the same hotel.
i know.
well nothing has happened... yet.
she said she spoke to ron artest briefly,
he is fine in person,
and he was really nice.
she didn’t see carmelo tho.
everyone wants a piece of carmelo.
she isn’t looking for a baller wolf at all,
but it doesn’t mean i’m not.


bostonpabsolutely haunting image…

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