the hate (crime) he gave

hate has become the new norm.
we knew it existed,
but everything has been so enhanced as of late.
you already know why
so i saw a story this week that really bothered me.
from hoods to cul de sacs,
we don’t get to pick those in our neighbors.
there was a story of a gay male in boston who was assaulted by someone in his hood.
for those who didn’t know about it,
this is the story via “the daily mail“…

A gay man was slashed in the face with a box cutter and hit over the head with a shovel after telling his assailant ‘Yeah, I’m proud’ in what Boston police are calling a hate crime.

Eddie Smith, 58, was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, mayhem, and committing a hate crime after he allegedly attacked the 25-year-old victim in the Lower Roxbury section of Boston on Tuesday.

The victim needed 20 stitches above the eye and 15 stitches below.

He told WHDH-TV that the suspect knows who he is from previous encounters on the street.

‘Whenever he sees me, he starts disrespecting me. Calling me the f-word,’ Victor, who insisted on using just his first name, said.

‘The only difference yesterday was that I said, “Yeah, I’m proud”.’

According to Victor, Smith hit him in the head with a shovel on the corner of Tremont Street and Prentiss Street just before noon on Tuesday.

Then, Victor grabbed the shovel from Smith’s hand and hit him back.

The two men then exchanged punches as they fought just a few yards away from Boston police headquarters.

‘I don’t think that he expected me to fight him back,’ Victor said.

‘When he realized that I was fighting him back, that’s when he stopped real quick, went in his pocket and whipped it out – the box cutter.’

these are his injuries:


Why are you walking around with a damn shovel sir?

if that gay male would have shot that rabid hyena in self defense,
would the narrative have changed?

from bullets to box cutters,
you don’t know when your card will be called out here.
you literally could be minding your business and be the next news story.
it’s really disgusting.
stay safe out here foxhole.

lowkey: i was just telling someone it’s gonna get to the point we don’t go outside anymore.
it’s gonna become a “controlled” environment like the movies about the future. 

article cc: the daily mail

pictures cc: wdhd

14 thoughts on “the hate (crime) he gave

  1. Kind of off topic but Jamari…that picture you used with the red “Hate” background came from a kpop video for a girl group that disbanded called 4minute. Whether or not that is indicative of something else a.k.a. u listen to kpop or it was done by sheer coincidence, regardless…I thought it was neat

  2. YES! HIT HIM BACK! I love that he snatched the shovel and tried to bury his hatred! We will NOT go down without a fight!

  3. Has anyone ever heard of “straight-bashing?” You know where a group of gays jumps a heterosexual man and beat him down then dumps glitter all over him?

    No? Neither have I.

    Anyways, Such hostility from these men. Sometimes they are struggling with their own sexuality and sometimes they are not & just don’t like gay men.

    Animals and humans are one in the same. Straight ones always consider Gay ones weak. It’s like a pack of rabid cackling hyenas in a territorial dispute.

    I haven’t taken any martial arts since I was a child but I am thinking about doing kickboxing or some sort these days. Yes, you can refer to me as Jammy, the Homophobe Slayer.. Intentionally, parading down the road in an effeminate, metrosexual display… Enticing all the homophobic heterosexuals to attack, then defeating them with a swift kick to the balls to show them how fragile their manhood actually is… May the Rainbow Coalition rejoice. 😊

    I’ve often wondered if Straight men loved women, but consider men that act like women or have characteristics of a woman weak. How do they actually feel about the role of women in general? Do they assume women are naturally beneath them?

  4. Time for same-gender loving folks to purchase guns and carrier permits for safety. At this point, we have to show these predators that we’re not afraid and we’re not punks. We will fight back and we WILL kill you in self defense!

    1. Or learn Krav Maga, Judo, etc. Flipping a MF like this old homophobic hyena on his back and a good hard, quick strike to the throat or solar plexus or crotch would teach him a lesson he’d never forget. That is, if he could get up….

  5. Most of the hate comes from men who are wrestling with their own sexuality. I know plenty straight men who could give a fuck about how I live my life!
    This man getting harassed by the same guy everyday just walking down the street. something tells me they’ve had some sort of encounter before!

    1. @Kevin

      I’m so SICK of the typical and expected comments that claim homophobes are actually gay. The fact is THEY ARE NOT! Comments like yours are actually rooted in self hate because you think being considered gay is an insult.

      1. You should read a little bit of contemporary experimental psychology, specifically psychological studies in reputable journals like Psychology Today, Scientific American, etc (Google them if you don’t believe me), showing that male homophobes actually show far higher same-sex arousal rates that non-homophobic men when shown gay porn or nude images of men. So Kevin is correct about the correlation between homophobes having same-sexual desires they cannot deal with, i.e. sexual repressive psychological issues. They are often the most violent and anti-gay ones.

        1. With that logic, men wouldn’t be killing transwomen. They have sex with them. Then want to hide their secret and kill them because transwomen are seen as disposable.

          Thanks for coming through with actual facts!

    2. So… the black slaves and black men who were lynched by white men during those times were secretly black?

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