hot rod didn’t think he could reach that high of an octave that night

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i understand a pipe up in our foxholes will cause us to scream.
the bigger it is; the more pressure it creates.
you might moan like a straight vixen and not even realize.
porn star,
hot rod,
has taken a few pipes in his past.
so when he got slayed by phatrabbitkiller recently…

Why was he moaning like a cat in heat????


was it because he hasn’t gotten pipe in a while?
or is phatrabbitkiller dick just that good?
i was really confused as to the theatrics…

19 thoughts on “hot rod didn’t think he could reach that high of an octave that night

  1. It looked like hotrod was really choking and phat rabbitkiller was going to continue the scene after he said something to hotrod that the mike didn’t pickup.Sorry but I lost respect for phatrabbitkiller after this scene. He could have easily backed off hotrod some but he continued. He forced his dick up the boy and made it hurt for the screams instead of saying cut for a while to assess the situation.

  2. I finally peeped it. Y’all are complaining about high notes and I’m all “EWWW! Keep your tuberculosis away from my meat!” What was that about? A dry dusty oral. For shame.

  3. This shit had me crying laughing, I guess I should have not read these comments first. OMG Im literally gasping for breath. This has given me my laugh for the day. Mariah Carey better run, because this baby can hit a whistle note too.

      1. Hotrod does look very thin in this clip. Was pissing on him part of the humiliation after what phatrabbitkiller did to him. Did this hnmilation cause further problems for Hotrod? This was clear sexual abuse in this sex worker industry. I’ve seem phatrabbitkiller in other clip and he says do the best you can when he choked Wes. It looked like killing of hotrod.

  4. I don’t care for Hot Rod. I saw an interview with him with some YouTubers I used to follow a few years ago. He kept trying to make it seem like he didn’t do porn and had all of these amazing “non-porn” projects coming out.

    What happened to them? I don’t like people who talk, then don’t deliver. Don’t talk until it’s done. Or..own who you actually are and stop trying to make yourself seem “too good” for what you do. And he gives me butch queen vibes. Can give the D good, but take it even better.

  5. That whack ass video. PhatRabbitKiller is an awful and overrated top and Hotrod was actually like an overly dramatic girl in this. This is the perfect video to show anyone when describing why gay black porn is so ghastly and awful today.

  6. Every since Hot Rod got his ass butchered up with unnecessary injections or implants I can’t even look at him.

    1. Thought I was the only one who thought that. I used to have the biggest crush on him until he got all them injections and implants. Leave well enough alone.

  7. All of that whimpering isn’t for me, but I understand Hotrod got a little (I’m using that word VERY loosely) feminine twang to him… Plus, he’s always been extra.

    SN: I feel like people are never satisfied with bottoms. When they are like Alex Roman getting gutted by every 10+ inch dick on twitter and are quiet as a church mouse, people complain about them being loose and lifeless. When they are screaming like a banshee, the bottom is “doing too much….”

  8. This is where you would insert Tamar Braxton meme saying “chilllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeee”. As much as I love Hotrod, that scene there… he definitely had to be on something. Hotrod been gone from porn so long that the new kids don’t know who he is anymore. If you pay attention to his twitter, it’s like he been in Debo chicken coop, something ain’t right. Hotrod was laid back, very chill person, very smart and wasn’t so sexual. For a legend that he used to be, he was also shy and reserved. Now… somebody slipped him a mickey and he ain’t been right. He got that twitch and Hotrod weren’t into drugs. A damn good artist, he could paint and draw his ass off! Them high pitch notes didn’t have anything to do with those strokes. He posted a video of him taking a dildo bigger than what Phatrabbit had and didn’t scream like that. Now if anybody needs an Oscar for theatrics while taking dick, Chy Freak does, he got Hotrod beat.

  9. Maybe cause he’s not gutted and wall-less like majority of these other bottoms and could feel every inch! Taking dick up the ass is no joke

    1. especially if your in the wrong position. My ass has to lay flat to be penetrated thoroughly but if you catch my ass standing up or doggy style I have hell to pay and that shit is painfull!!!

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