JoJo Simmons Learned Yesterday

this shoulda been titled:

“i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends”

everyone wants to talk shit online,
but when it comes time for punishment,
you find out it is more bark than bite.
isn’t it always like that?
jojo simmons:

jojo… son of rev run and run’s house fame,
made a diss track about juelz santana:

well one of juelz goons didn’t take it too kindly and well…


he was made to call juelz and apologize when the pictures were snapped.

tumblr_lrh7hqNIM51qii6tmo1_500as much as it’s wrong,
this is pretty much everyone’s fault.
juelz side for obvious reasons,
but jojo going mad hard for what reason?
why jojo?
jojo stay catching Ls.
he wants to be a star and it just isn’t in his cards.
his sisters are successful with their projects,
his little brother is a better rapper,
and his other brother got some shine playing jim jones mama on l&hhny.

13brhpo’ jojo.
i know he shit himself when that big ol gorilla negro hemmed his ass up.
rev run better get out that bubble bath and go pray with his son.
hell i think jojo hiding out in the same tub.
these suburban sheltered tough guys,
i tell ya..

lowkey: something tells me that this won’t end well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “JoJo Simmons Learned Yesterday”

  1. JoJo seemed like a nice enough guy on Run’s House, but he had no business dissing even a semi-legitimate rapper, so I don’t feel sorry for him. Come correct or don’t come at all.

  2. Jamari! You tried it with “rev run better get outta that tub and go pray for his son” and the love and hip hop atl comment. Lmaooo, that made my day.
    Poor JoJo, he just can’t catch a break, from getting exposed with tranny’s to almost getting his shit clapped in the streets. I feel for him. I think its so sad how these suburban kids wanna be down with the “hood click”. I wish the best for him tho. He just needs to stay in the house, cause the real world just isn’t working for him lol.

  3. Really Jojo? You a grown azz man still sleeping with a teddy bear. Yea, I still think he does that shit.

    LMAO… about Russy playing Mama Jones.

  4. LMAO! Yeah I cracked up when I saw this on WSHH yesterday. Juelz’s line wasn’t going that hard for JoJo to record a reply. That was lame. Them goons is looking for a reason to beat up a fuck nigga. Makes them feel all big and stronk and shit. LMAO! I’m truly OVER IT

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