Who Wants To Watch A Movie With Me Tonight? (12)

tumblr_ml7xi5dLnV1s59cgao1_500get some popcorn baby.
i picked up a movie for us…

MPW-68712An ex-con returns home to the Bronx after three year in prison to discover his wife estranged and his teenage son exploring a sexual transformation that will put the fragile bonds of their family to the test.

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and then come lay with me on the couch.
i actually watched this movie last night and it was super deep.

i wanted to see what you guys thought about it after.
things to look out for:

Tyrone+Brown+2011+NewFest+LGBT+Film+Festival+wPcJeY2J8a3lhis name is chris in the movie.
yes, he gets shirtless.
the movie will be down tomorrow morning so enjoy tonight.

jrsmithdance2de nada.

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5 thoughts on “Who Wants To Watch A Movie With Me Tonight? (12)”

  1. That was a good movie.

    That man who he met in that club was fine. Damn he was right. I felt bad that he still wanted him after he said he was a tranny. I was like I’m going to have to start dressing in drag to bag niggas that quick lol. That will never happen tho, I’ll strictly date women before I do that. What got me was when the dude got the injections. I was like; “is he really going to get injected with that black market shit?” At least I didn’t see concrete and fix a flat lol.

    When the father took him to the woman to try and change him, I fell out laughing. I was like wtf? That shit never works. That boy was traumatized lol. If my son was gay and feminine, I would accept him, it would be hard for me tho. Yes it would be hard because even though I’m bi, I still act manly. I would think if I’m manly then he should be too.

    1. ^that movie was really sad to me for some reason.
      it was interesting look into the life of a transgendered person.
      she was really pretty as a female.
      when the father took her to get head from that vixen,
      I was cringing.
      i thought they would end up talking about hair and panties.
      the black market booty shots was an eye opener lol
      i literally LOL when you said fix a flat.

      that wolf tho!!!!!
      when he was shirtless,
      i was all in my screen.
      the way how he looked at her with that “sex gaze”,
      i was open.

      1. No, I knew what was up as soon as I saw the woman to the room. I wonder how many gay men who are masculine would laid there and just took it? Some gay men wouldn’t have minded, but they would not have let it went any further than that.

  2. It’s on netflix. I watched it a while back and I looked up the man on google when I watched it, he apparently claims he’s straight like Deandre Fuller and has done some other “gay” movies. .

  3. Watch
    “For the Bible Tells me so” ,
    “La mission”
    and you will love “North Sea Texas” , “Rag time” is cool too if you’re Caribbean/African

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