Remember The Baller Wolf With The Big Meat?

remember him:


chicagotext2_zps7b3ad223how can we forget.
well he was in this scandal:

Chicago Bears Baller Wolf Has Some Big Leakage From An “Hit N Quit” Vixen

…i’m still looking at that hoe sideways.
either way,
i couldn’t find joey’s twitter or instagram.
my love,
tracked him down…

tumblr_mcuvw3i2iI1qh74v6o1_r1_500ya know,
joey is fine,
but i call him “target practice”.
with a dick like that,
he’s “target practice”.
i wouldn’t let that missile launch inside me,
but that’s the type of pipe you practice your head game on.
maybe let it slide in one of those nights you are tipsy as hell.
maybe on 2 aleves because of a headache.
that pipe will murder your butt cheeks...


8 thoughts on “Remember The Baller Wolf With The Big Meat?

  1. Great looking dude, but he has to get on the field, so I can see him more.

    I still can’t believe how big he is. That’s a big pipe, maybe 10.5. I’m kinda jealous lol.

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