what cheek do you need to kiss for success nowadays?

when ex baller wolf,
joe anderson,
speaks i tend to listen.
when he looks like this:

…it’s kinda hard not to.
he has a ton of inspirational videos on his ig,
but he made a recent one that made me think.
it was about those in higher positions not helping.
this is what he posted on his ig:

don’t get me wrong,
we have folks who will put you on because they see your talent.
they don’t require anything than your hunger.
others tho…
they want you to flat out worship them for a “maybe” shot.
that’s like having sex with someone in hopes they put you on.
at my past jobs,
i’ve noticed a pattern with those in charge.
some it was greed that drove them to ruin.
others were unprofessional and shouldn’t have been managers.
they all suffered from the same disease:

“make sure you cater to your boss’s low self esteem.
if you don’t,
you’ll be out the door.”

it wasn’t being a terrible worker that had you jobless,
but not understanding the way around their butt cheeks.
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Foxhole Meet Joe Anderson, The Baller Wolf Towel Model

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-04-59-amMY FOXHOLE IS THE SHIT!!!!
no soon did i write that entry,
a f-bi sent me the shot via foxmail.
i swear my foxhole could find hillary’s emails and trump’s tax returns.
i kid.
so this is what joe anderson posted this morning on snap.
it’s from his shoot with audra oden photography Continue reading “Foxhole Meet Joe Anderson, The Baller Wolf Towel Model”

Joe Anderson and His Vanishing Modeling Picture

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-11-13-00-pmi have talked about big papa,
but happily married,
joe anderson many times.

he is a cut nfl baller wolf trying to find his way on a team.
he also has the most handsome face ive seen in a while.
no homo?
well did anyone see that picture he posted on his snapchat story today?
that professional modeling picture with him in just a towel
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Baller Wolf, Joe Anderson, Has Come A Long Way From Hell

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.23.20 PMyou know i love a “feel good” story.
i’m a sucker for a good “comeback” story too.
so i have written about baller wolf,
joe anderson,
many times before.
we were introduced to him via a scandal on baller alert.
i always thought he was extremely handsome as well.
throughout the years,
this texan wolf has been trying to find a home team.
he got dropped for a while and i could tell it crushed his spirit.
during that time,
he also ended up having another cub with is wife.
joe happens to be straight.
well he still remained to update us of his progress on ig.
he worked his bawdy like crazy to get drafted again.
i always watched and cheered him on via lurk mode.
as only a good fox does.
he was hungry and when an animal is hungry,
you can tell by their determination and focus to win.
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.55.48 PMwell joe has now been drafted to the ny jets.
all that hard work and sacrifice finally paid off.
this is the recent updates of “big papa p” joe anderson..
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Big Papa Joe Anderson Is Ready For His Comeback

bigpapjoepenisspeaking of texas born,
you know i couldn’t resist to post big papa joe penis.
baller wolf joe anderson is what he is known as.
joe is working hard to get back into the nfl next season…
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A Double Cup of Joe

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.04.55 PMwell here is a double cup of joe.
“big papa penis” baller wolf joe anderson.
“lil’ wolf with a big boy body” joe warren.
big joe has was last playing for the eagles,
but sadly he was cut.
lil joe is a model and personal trainer.
well they are both “brother wolves in christ”.
well just look at god…
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