what cheek do you need to kiss for success nowadays?

when ex baller wolf,
joe anderson,
speaks i tend to listen.
when he looks like this:

…it’s kinda hard not to.
he has a ton of inspirational videos on his ig,
but he made a recent one that made me think.
it was about those in higher positions not helping.
this is what he posted on his ig:

don’t get me wrong,
we have folks who will put you on because they see your talent.
they don’t require anything than your hunger.
others tho…
they want you to flat out worship them for a “maybe” shot.
that’s like having sex with someone in hopes they put you on.
at my past jobs,
i’ve noticed a pattern with those in charge.
some it was greed that drove them to ruin.
others were unprofessional and shouldn’t have been managers.
they all suffered from the same disease:

“make sure you cater to your boss’s low self esteem.
if you don’t,
you’ll be out the door.”

it wasn’t being a terrible worker that had you jobless,
but not understanding the way around their butt cheeks.
i remember one of my past bosses being like that…

the worst part is she was a black vixen.
i hate to font that most of them were black,
if not hispanic.

well this particular boss wanted you to:

listen to her boring family stories,
egg on all the ways she was having sex with her husband
cover for her mistakes and when she snuck out the office

the worst is she would pit us against each other.
it was so bad that if you did something she didn’t like,
she would tell everyone to ice you out.
that means no one could speak to you if she was around.
she tried that stunt with me and failed miserably.
my star shines too bright to be ignored.

she had a minion that stayed kissing her tail.
i’ve seen her snitch on others and getting them fired.
because of this,
the minion got endless perks.
as karma would have it,
when that demon of a boss was finally let go,
the minion thought she would get the position.
nah homie.
they brought someone new in.
it happened to be a wolf.
well the minion thought that by flirting,
and eventually sleeping with him,
she would keep her comfy “minion” spot.

add another: nah homie

she was ultimately let go shortly after.
this is one of the many reasons why kissing tail,
especially under bad leadership,
is almost like being on a sinking ship.

so not only do we have to deal with those looking down on us,
but if you don’t kiss their ass correctly,
we will constantly face closed doors.
i don’t know what is the proper protocol to success nowadays.
it seems to vary through different experience.
my door will open soon through the right leader tho.
i’ll keep knocking until then.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “what cheek do you need to kiss for success nowadays?”

  1. I like his message of helping others when you have power, but sadly from what I can see many very successful people may have worked hard most were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It is misleading to think that you are going to be wildly successful just because you worked hard. Many of us have worked real hard and we are still not past Go for any number of reasons that are out of our control. This Blog is a good example, so much better than many out here that are much more successful and many loyal long time fans like myself cant figure why you are not a household name and others with a tenth of your talent are raking in big money. Just like many singers who can blow anything on the radio Top 40 out of the water but they are still working at a call center no matter how talented they are. So many people in the dominant society have never had to really work for shit to get established, our Stupid Ass President is an example, along with the likes of the Paris Hilton’s these types use their family resources, while many Black and Brown folks are told to just wait and keep working hard, your day will come, what happens when your day doesn’t come. I see so many athletes talk this game on putting in the work but when many of their playing days are over, they are put out to pasture especially football players without anything and using Colin K as an example, he worked hard only to be Blackballed. So many factors, factor into success. As I get older, I truly appreciate what I got, and feel hell if I made it this far in Amerikkka without being shot by the cops or beat down by the system, hell I must be some kind of success.

  2. When I first entered the work force as a Professional and Old Battle ax of a Nurse took me aside and told me she had watched me as a student and I was good at what I did, but to succeed I needed to stay out of the politics first and foremost. Second take the policy and procedure book home and with my job description and know it. To never let anyone talk me into breaking policy and never step out of my job description. I followed that to a tee! I watched so many people loose their jobs by doing favors for the boss or others on the job and then have it used against them. By Following that advice I retired as Director of a Major Medical Facility in The Middle East. I have passed that advice down my whole career.
    You are hired for a certain Skill level, Know Your Job description and The company policy and in realty no one can mess with you..If you follow that and still get fired you do have legal recourses and can get compensated.
    It really is a cold world out there. In the mean time apply for grants and get paid to hone your shills even though you are at the Top of your skills Now! You can still get paid to study.

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