how the gold digger acts when he’s left out the will

i’ve learned that when someone dies,
and there is money involved,
that you’ll learn the true nature of everyone around them.
i know i did after my parents and best friend died.
as you know,
george michael passed away on christmas 2016.
his boyfriend,
fadi fawaz,
was allegedly left out of the will.
this is what he tweeted after he found out…

….which is funny because he has this on his twitter:

he claims he was “hacked”.

this is a teachable moment tho.
i’m sure you can spot the obvious.
imagine being a gold digger,
thinking you got the right one,
putting up with all their shit,
having to do things sexually you never thought you would,
and to be left out of the will after six years.
i can’t imagine.

he has allegedly been offered 605,050 from the estate.
he is allegedly threatening to go to the High Court for more.
he needs to take that money and be grateful.
this is the move that will lead him not getting shit.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “how the gold digger acts when he’s left out the will”

  1. A whole leeching kween. GET A JOB bum!

    Also, I don’t blame George. I wouldn’t leave my Will to a “Boyfriend” either LOL FOH. For what?

  2. That’s not enough for those type of men (and women). They want more. 700,000 isn’t a lot money. It’s only a lot when you’re not used to living grand.

    A wise man can live off of a 20 dollar bill for a week.

    I’m sure this man has lived a “well-off” life. These are the same type of men that gays like to entertain by paying for their OF accounts. They don’t care wether you die today or tomorrow or how you go, as long as they have the thirst patrol tracking their every move and paying their bills for a bicep, they are fine.

    Older men should just stick to men around their age and stop taking care of dudes who think they are too pretty to work and want to live the grand life.

    How can you hate someone for not leaving you money when you weren’t. Some people are bad news…straight bad news.

    Just depends though.

    When my great uncle died, he only left me and my cousin a small amount of money in his will which was just 1,000 each. He didn’t leave his niece anything and I immediately found out how she REALLY was..but he knew all along I bet.

    She even called me right after he died not hearing from her in over 15 years. Idk how TF she got my number but she did…asking me about my life and my marriage and did I have kids and that IIshouldnt be out there getting women pregnany…in my mind…I’m like this b**ch is bad news…Time to change the channel. I curved her and haven’t heard from her ever since to check up on me.

    My momma always said she was a

    I hope this is a learning lesson to those in Michael’s position.

  3. He may be a gold digger, but he supported and stayed with George. Why disrespect him this way? Peiple throw shade at gold diggers, but its a two person arrangment. George is with fadi for his looks and fadi was with george for his money. What is wrong with that. They both knew the score. Why not give him more. I don’t think he has kids or a former spouse. Who is getting the money?

  4. Gold Diggers are leeches.

    I hope George donated the money to a charity to be honest. Fadi is a fool. George wasn’t a fool. He probably knew Fadi’s care and love was fake with money hungry fingers waiting for him to bite the dust.

    The road was nice, but now that George is gone, Fadi can take the next detour down memory lane…with a half empty tank.

    Gold Diggers are the evolved form of Hobosexual-mon. Their attack range is limited to the income amounts that they aquire. Though they are immune to Remorse, Humility and Compassion attacks, Labor-chu’s Work and Job Search moves often causes a critical hit.

    1. Exactly! Fadi was there for the money and whatever George could give him at the time. George knew it, and by leaving him out of the will, he showed him that “I knew what you were REALLY there for”. LOL

  5. I always thought George was with some white man. I remember him parading him around when he made his big comeback on Oprah. Poor Fadi, he should have secured the bag before he gave up his services. That’ll learn ya!

    I just want to say George Michael’s music is EVERYTHING!!! He wrote so many beautiful songs about gay love and life. His album Older is a definite gem that is a must listen. He is such an underrated icon but just as important as Prince and MJ. Rest in pride!!

  6. I didnt get a chance yesterday to add my two cents to this discussion because I got busy at work, but he is probably going to get much more than this, the estate was probably just throwing a number out there for him to go away to see where he stands. Unfortunately the law works in a way that benefits leeches like this, he could tie up the estate for years and nobody will get any money because now that gay men have spousal rights, he can claim he was a common law spouse, of course this may not work like this in England where I am assuming George estate is, but many times when it is a large sum involved, the estate will pay for him to go away. George is probably laughing from the grave knowing that this gold digger thought he was going to be set for life, only to be Punk’d at the reading of the will. I am guessing he will get in the neighborhood of 2-3 million to be gone. Unless he had an iron clad will this dude may still get a nice payday. Also he is probably going to threaten to write a tell all and the family will probably settle to shut him up. One thing about Hoez is they can smell a dollar in their sleep and they have no shame and getting said dollar. This is hardly over.

  7. The double standard is astounding. Gold diggers are apparently “leeches” and deserve derision. However, I never here anything about youth/beauty diggers. These old men seeking 18-20 something’s are hardly ever called out. Both gold diggers and youth/beauty diggers are looking for something other than love. They are the same in my book.
    Ps George Michaels thought fadi worthy of bej g kept around for 6 six years but not enough to put him in his will. Don’t get it it twisted fadi invested and gave up 6 years of his youth into Michael. Making him less attractive to other high powered men.

    1. ^we don’t know how fadi acted behind the scenes.
      he could have been a real piece of shit.
      what if he did something foul and george was over it?
      we don’t know the logistics of what happened.
      to say “i hate you george” on twitter?
      that didn’t help his case in looking humble or even like he was a good person.

      would you have tweeted “i hate you” to your deceased sugar daddy?

      1. Good point, there is a lot that we don’t know. So to make jugdement without knowing the whole situation is not great. I will say that people act out when they are angry. Who knowes what promises were made or not made.
        Ps i am not picking sides I am just trying to be fair each party involved .

  8. I initially didn’t give two fu*ks about this story but returned to it because it’s an example of how we can sometimes impose double standards on our gay brethren. BUT this is not the case. I googled Miss Fadi and everyone who knows him say he’s a leech and a gold digger. Fadi is a former photographer turned “hairdresser to the stars” which means he has a ZERO client base since shacking up with George for 7 years. He has no income and has been forced to move out of the mansion in London. Right now, he’s turned very salty and has publicly stated that he refuses to get a job. So I can’t really defend his actions based on some of the information I’ve read here and elsewhere.

    Having said that, I don’t have a problem with these financial arrangements older wealthy men make with younger mates. Heterosexual men are the Kings of arranged sexual relationships with younger women so lets not be too judgmental despite Fadi’s unsavory behavior.

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