when the skully on ray j’s head turns

reality tv isn’t really “reality”.
i’ve heard of one in particular doing a reverse table read.
instead of rehearsing lines,
they show pictures and scene set ups of how they want it to go.
of course.
you would think they would edit it to perfection if this is fake.
after ray j’s skully in “love and hiphop hollywood” last night…

…how can you not say “um…”?
i counted 6 times it moved on his head…

…and could have been more.

allegedly fonting,
i was on the set of a reality show before.
it was by accident because i didn’t even know they were filming.
i saw the director tell the cast member how to walk in the room.
they needed to look like they were engaged in a convo to their friend,
but when they got into the room,
they should act “surprised” by whoever was already in there.
after seeing that,
it was like learning santa clause was fake.
i think that’s why i have a hard time watching now.
it killed the illusion for me.
i always wanted to know

Are the fights fake too?

i have heard directors allegedly creating drama behind the scenes.
that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone yet.

lowkey: i like me some safaree,
but he didn’t really sell that scene with ray j to me.

video clip cc: @Rawshaud

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “when the skully on ray j’s head turns

  1. LOL wow. thats terrible. im glad i stopped watching this trash but i will say Marcus(Brooke’s bf) is such a cutie

    1. Co-sign!! Back THEN it was reality TV! Boring as fuck at times (which is why I believe it became scripted) but REALITY TV.
      The L&HH shows are nothing more than a T&A show. The girls barely have on clothes and look like plastic surgery advertisements.

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